Self Reflection, Healing Crystals Mini Kit

This kit is designed for individuals who seek assistance through healing crystals during a time of self reflection and soul searching

Our Self-Reflection Mini Day Kit Includes:
1 Tigers Eye
1 White Aventurine
1 Green Quartz
1 dram purpose blended oil for Energy
You may choose to meditate with or carry the oil & stones with you until you have manifested a change. You can also place on your altar for ritual or spell use.
White aventurine is known as the mirror to the soul it provides clarity for self-reflection. Tigers Eye is helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving courage in times of change. Combining Earth energy with that of the Sun, Golden/Brown Tiger Eye draws Spiritual energy down to the Earth, while still keeping you centered here on the ground. Sunny Tiger Eye brings brightness and optimism to a situation, and shines insight onto problems. Known as a stone of protection, Tiger Eye brings good luck and prosperity to the user. Green Quartz is our wish for you. Aside from being able to repel negative vibrations, attract prosperity, success and to stimulate one’s creativity. It helps activate the Heart Chakra, bringing in the knowledge of Universal Love and imparting a sense of wholeness to the owner. Green Quartz is uniquely helpful in teaching one to live from the heart.
Together, these three stones create a powerful yet beautiful experience. As we approach the fall equinox, it is a time for reflection, strength and new beginnings. May this kit bring you that in which you seek.

9.95 + Delivery @ (non-subscription)

10.00 + Free Delivery @ (monthly subscription)

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