Samhain Magickal Parcel, October 2015


  • 1 Chambered clear quartz pendulum. This pendulum has a small screw cap at the top of the crystal. Once opened, there is a small space to add magickal herbs, spell oils or crystal chips to enhance your divination.
  • 1 cloth pendulum mat
  • 1 Black 50mm crystal ball or 2″ Obsidian Scrying Mirror
  • 1 Gold crystal ball stand
  • 1 Dram purpose blended oil for divination. Oil contains therapeutic grade essential oils of sandalwood, lemongrass, peppermint, heliotrope, rosemary, and clary sage. Place Divination Oil on your forehead to help open your minds eye and/or on the back of your hands while working your pendulum.
  • 1 Samhain herbal sachet of rosemary, lavender buds, rose pedals, mugwort, and white sage. You can use these herbs as a potpourri, herbal incense, add to your chambered pendulum or use as a bath herb. Do not ingest these herbs.
  • 1 Dram herbal Samhain oil. Oil Contains therapeutic grade essential oils of cedarwood, clove, rosemary, patchouli, and frankincense with rose pedals, lavender buds and chopped mugwort.
  • 1 Tumbled obsidian crystal
  • 1 Tumbled carnelian crystal
  • 1 Tumbled smoky quartz
  • 1 each orange, white, & black chime candles
  • 1 small portion of copal resin to clear & consecrate crystals
  • 1 small portion of dried pepper in its full life cycle (flowers, leaves & berries)

30.00 + Delivery @ (non-subscription)

30.00 + Free Delivery @ (monthly subscription)

Your parcel contained lots of goodies for Samhain. The Pendulum & Scrying Mirror (or crystal ball) is meant to enjoy with others during your festivities or alone when seeking advice from past loved ones. Samhain is the time of the year to contact spirits as our two worlds are easily accessed during this time.

Scrying, Crystal Gazing & Pendulum use takes time and practice before you start to feel comfortable. After working with you divination tool of choice, you should start to feel an emotional connection.

The Clear Crystal Quartz Pendulum is a high vibration healing crystal that can substitute and/or magnify any crystals healing powers and intentions. You can add herbs, oils and other items to your chamber to program your pendulum with you intent. This particular pendulum is a go-to pendulum for any and all answers you may be seeking.

The Samhain oil and Herbs were prepared to honor our dearly departed as well as to protect yourself from any spirits that may have made it across while our worlds thin. The Herbs and Oil were prepared individually on cut cedar rounds, attuned to their intent then combined and blessed. You can burn as an incense, seep in water for water scrying, or add to a candle. Samhain Oil is also recommended to be worn during divination sessions.

The Tumbled Stones can be set out on you altar, held in your hand during divination sessions or infused into your own magickal makings as you choose. Included were 3 stones associated with Samhain.

Obsidian is associated with guardian spirits who watch over us and is connection to protection on all levels. Carnelian is helpful in choices and decisions and helps focus during divination sessions. Smoky Quartz helps ease your mind, release negative thoughts in ten allowing you to improve your communication.

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