November Magickal Parcel

Witches Ladder Kit by Magickal Folk

2 Ounces of Spiritual Journeying Oil. The Spiritual Journeying Oil was prepared with Oakmoss essential oil among other minor accompanying essentials for shamanic journeying attuning with nature spirits. It is the “greenman” of oils and is meant be used to attune to the spirit with Nature Gods and Forrest Spirits. It is extremely grounding as it induces calmness and enhances sensitivity and awareness. Use when you wish to listen to the nature spirits and the voice of Mother Earth. Oakmoss is associated with Jupiter, luck, prosperity and abundance. You can also use this oil in money spells.

1 White Ritual Candle for Spiritual Journey to help initiate and guide your magickal transformation into your future self. Your candle has been anointed, charged and inscribed with runes from the Futhark alphabet for its intent. Before lighting your candle for the first time focus your intent entirely upon the candle. Visualize the energy you are putting forth to awaken the force within yourself to manifest a change. While burning this candle maintain focus upon the positive emotions of attaining and living out your desires. You should light and meditate upon the candle for 3 days in a row. Be sure to snuff out the candle at the end of each session rather than blowing it out.

Candles & Oil have been wrapped in a herbal spell paper for protection is hand made with recycled grocery bags and blessed magickal herbs. Herbs are chosen for magickal qualities that protect, ward off evil and bring love when worn. This spell paper can be used as protection charm when wrapping tools, oils, candles, soaps or other ritual items.

A Complete Witches Ladder Kit

1 smudge stick


One thought on “November Magickal Parcel

  1. I received my parcel today. Waiting for the quiet moment in a house of 5 to really get to see the contents was brutal. I must say that it was worth the wait. This was my introduction to the Witch’s Ladder! This parcel really spoke to me and awakened a sense of awareness within my path that brought harmony to my soul!


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