Full Moon Ritual, Spells & Corresondences

Full Moon Ritual with Spells

by Magickal Folk

Begin by seeping a cup of enchanted chamomile tea and quietly meditating under the light of a full moon on while setting your intentions for the evening. The full moon is a time for tying up loose ends, healing, letting go and moving on. The full moons energy is most powerful at this time and best used to set intentions and attract the sort of energy we desire in our lives.

Why Chamomile tea? Chamomile is very soothing both medically and magickally. It promotes peace and harmony within your energy field. A complete full moon ritual can be emotional and chamomile will help you flow through the motions easier. According to Tess Whitehurst of The Magick of Flowers chamomile also assists in breaking curses, reversing love spells, healing and protecting children, peace, harmony and keeping you focused on positive aspects instead of dwelling in the negative. All of which is useful during a full moon ritual.

Once you feel comfortable with your plans for the evening. Mosey over to the tub for a magickal purification bath. Taking a ritual bath is meant to cleanse and protect a person spiritually making it different than a normal bath you might do every day. There are very specific directions to follow in order to maximize the effect. Among these instructions is not using any soap or shampoos as once you step into the water, you are entering a spiritual experience, so it’s important to distinguish regular bathing from ritual bathing.

After your magickal bath begin setting up a sacred space outdoors where you are touching the earth and the moonlight is touching you. Being careful not to cast your shadow over your space. Once you are ready, begin with a releasing spell, then move to a wishing spell. Close your ritual by protecting & charging your magickal tools under the moonlight.

Full Moon Prayer over Chamomile Tea – Requirements 1 white candle, anointing oil. Anoint palms and third eye and repeat this prayer. “A light shines bright above and within me. I pray the mother moon graces me with a renewed spirit, bringing calming energies to my heart and mind. I heal under her glow, as I unite her fullness of energy & light, deep into my soul. May I shine ever so bright. Blessed Be.”

Magickal Bath – Powerful Requirements: Enchanted herbal bath tea bag, bath salts, candles, essential oils. Begin by seeping yourself in warm running water with your enchanted purification herbal tea bag, salts and essential oil. Take a few moments to ground and center yourself, remember this is a spiritual experience not a routine bath. Once you’re ready, assign unwanted energy a color & begin to visualize that colored energy drawing out from your body and into the water. As your negative energy seeps into the water, concentrate on a new warm light filling within. As it grows in brightness focus on your intent. Once you have reached your brightest light and energy, unplug the tub allowing the water to drain out while you visualize every last drop of negative energy swirl down the drain. Once the tub is empty, shower residual waters from yourself & clean the tub.

Powerful Releasing Spell – Magickal Ink, Feather Quill, Banishing herbs, Paper, either heat proof container with charcoal tablet or a candle. Under the full moon write down a list of all that no longer serves you in black ink (bad habits, financial debts, stresses, obstacles, ect) sprinkle some banishing herbs over a hot charcoal tablet and light a white candle for purity. Slowly, start to burn your list saying“By this flame of white, I release my troubles into the darkness of night. Letting go of all that holds me back, I pray the divine help keep my sacred journey on track. I now move forward with new goals in mind, as these ashes drift away, I leave all my troubles behind” Let the candle burn down and bury and ashes away from your home.

Powerful Full Moon Wish – 1 candle, a feather quill, magickal ink, parchment paper, enchanted wishing herbs, frankincense resin, 1 charcoal tablet, a small heat proof bowl or cauldron, anointing oil, of your choosing,  a small bowl or dish, a full moon. Start by Anointing your palms and third eye with anointing oil. Prepare a sacred space giving special attention to the visual arrangement of your items. Sit quietly for a moment, visualize any negative energy around you and will it into the earth. Even if you can only do so for this moment. Push it to the earth and leave it there until you have finished. Once you are ready, in your small heat proof bowl. Light a charcoal tablet. Once the tablet is ready, add a small piece of frankincense resin. Now, once the resin begins to melt, sprinkle on the enchanted wishing herbs. Now, take your piece of     paper, your feather quill and magickal ink and write down all you wish for the future. In that moment, imagine yourself having the things you want. Now, Light a candle and say “I light this candle with the aim to change the future. May the universe hear my message of intent and conspire to manifest and bring to me my desire, as I will it, so mote it be” Now, burn the paper over the candle and catch the ashes in a small bowl. “ I cast this message into the air, may the goddess hear my prayer” now let the wind catch the ashes and take them away.

Moon Charged Water – Pour spring water into a bowl or jar, sprinkle in sea salt and add a few quartz crystals. Leave your water on window sill or outdoors under the moonlight throughout the night to soak up the full moons light. In the morning, pour the water into a jar and cork it up. Use this water for blessings, cleansing, water meditation/scrying, or other water spells.

Moon Protection Spell – I call upon the power of the full moons light. Heed my call. Charge this (name your items) with your ower so that it may protect (this place, wearer, ect) May the power of the moon forever charge this (name the item)


Full Moon Ritual

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