Manifesting with Metatrons Cube: The Octahedron

Metatrons Cube Manifesting Free .pdf download!


“I choose to release any karmic patterns associated with my receiving the natural flow of abundance in the universe. I open myself to be totally in alignment with the natural flow of abundance and my higher purpose. I choose to receive all forms of abundance and richness in my life in alignment with my heart and my higher purpose, for everyone’s highest good and healing”

The octahedron is the first platonic solid formed when spirit began to move on the face of consciousness. It projected a beam in front, in back, to either side, and up and down. When all are connected the octahedron is formed. The octahedron is associated with the consciousness of air. What is air consciousness? Air is moving constantly. Slowly, like a soft breeze or a sigh. Fast, like a tornado or an explosion of anger. Inside, we are air in every cell of our blood, our lungs, our brain……Air on this planet has a heavy concentration of oxygen. Without the element of oxygen, we would die. Air is affected by temperature. Hot or cold temperatures create more movement. When hot and cold clash, there is usually a storm or greater movement of air. Air provides movement. Air sustains life. Air creates change. Air provides balance between Heaven and Earth.Phoenix Rising Star, Spirit of Ma’at


The Affirmation and lesson taught by phoenix Rising Star is so spot on! you can find her page at


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