February Soul Revival Parcel Details




Packing slip omitted until every has received their parcels of course! This entire article will be in your parcel as well! Shipping has begun, if you haven’t received you tracking code, you will shortly!

Februarys Soul Revival

Yay! Your magickal parcel has arrived! A beautiful heart swelling experience awaits you. I wanted to give you an awe inspiring magickal awakening that will uplift, empower and bring you a true feeling of joy from within your heart of hearts. The power flow of Februarys Storm Moon will help us this month in working with our deep inner energies bringing them up and out. We will work hard digging deep. Together, we will surface all those unwanted energies, thought patterns, habits, grudges, triggers, memories and blockages allowing our true inner beauties to shine through. It’s a time to purify your soul, forgive your heart, get your power back and make plans for the future. For yourself. For your heart. For the ones you love.

Capturing the essence and embracing the energy of the Storm Moon begins with the full moon. Together we will blanket our soul in the full moons energy then begin to gently forgive and release during the waning moon phase transforming into a brighter gentler self. The Theme song for this parcel is “Shake it out” as Florence and the Machine, so google it!

For a moment, you are going to zero in on you and only you. Block out all interference and BE what it is that you are meant to BE. It might take a while. You may need to do some major deprogramming to get there and that’s ok. There is no starting point. This process is an ever circling energy of growth and harmony with yourself.  Once you met your dreamy self, it is time work backward defining all the things blocking you from BEing the Love that you are. From there it is a process of learning to forgive and releasing so your empowered self can share your wonderful energy of BEing with the world. The world needs it and your going to share it. By letting go of judgements and other unwanted energies you will open others to the possibility of awakening too.

Ive combined the crystal energies of Nuummite, Angelite, Black Onyx and Obsidian with that of a single pearl. The single pearl is to remind us that something very beautiful can come from a negative place and you, like the oyster, have the ability to take these experiences and transform them into something beautiful too. You will find a long strand of obsidian chips and a single pearl for meditation on the pearl of wisdom. You can wear it as a necklace, wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet, hold in your hands during meditation, or wrap around a jar when making a crystal elixir and moon water.

The Butterfly is the spirit animal of transformation. Connect with your butterfly to help work through the scrolls. All of which are designed shift your thought energy to a higher state of self-love and acceptance opening the door for growth, abundance and happiness.

Before doing anything, grab your mini journal determine a first page. That side of each page (or as many as you can) write 1 thing, person, or place that allows you feel authentic feelings and emotions of joy, happiness and acceptance of self. Think about this list carefully. This is not a list of who you love or what you are grateful for. For this purpose you only list those people or things that truly align with your true feeling of self and happiness. These are the things that lighten your spirit, people who see the YOU that you that you are even when you don’t feel it or know it yet. The places that bring you back to balance. Then on the opposite side of that page, write 1 (or more) things that stops or weakens that connection.

OK, now we can work on the meditations, spells and transformation work! Looking at just the back side of your journal pages, tear them out and categorize them. What can you do about it? Is this something you need to banish? Let go? Release? Forgive? Reprogram? And there you have it, the beginning of your souls revival!

Attached are printed instructions on soul work, working with the elements and a pack list. Use the tools provided when you are ready to begin! Don’t forget to check your email and add my email addresses (bcd9224@live.com & canruck@gmail.com) so they do not get sent to spam and you miss out on upcoming rituals, meditations & spells!

A much needed gift to your soul is in the works. Happiness, friendships, abundance & joy are the light at the end of the tunnel. The March Box is the BLOOM box. Its time for a party! We’re gathering old friends, new friends and loved ones to celebrate and BLOOM! Now that your house is clean, both literally & mentally. It is time to throw a party! Parcels will be shipping out early in March

There’s much more to come! I will be updating and sharing on Facebook & WordPress throughout the waning moon! Thank you for continuing to subscribe to magickal parcels and giving me the opportunity to send good juju out into the world! It is truly appreciated!!!

You only have today. Be love. Be you. Blessed be – Namaste – Warm & Fuzzies, Candice


Soul Work

Spell for Letting Go

Materials Needed: A black pen, a few small sheets of paper, a white or black candle and a waning moon.You can make this spell considerable stronger by using herbal paper or sprinkling releasing herbs on your candle. Write down your desires and what you feel is keeping you from achieving them. Don’t be alarmed if this takes more than or considerably less than a few sheets of paper. You are purging what is standing in your way, big or small! Once you’ve written it all out. Light your candle and carefully burn the paper in the fire saying

“With the power within me, I set thee free”

See all of your obstacles leaving making way for your focus and determination. Once the paper has thoroughly burned through, remove the ashes and bury them away from your home.


“Gratitude helps you grown and expand. Gratitude brings joy and laughter into your lives and into the lives of all those around you.” -Eileen Caddy

When you look at life through the eyes of gratitude, the world becomes a wonderful place.  The more you find to be grateful about, the more you find to be grateful about.  Gratitude is a wonderful antidote to depression.  It lifts you out of your small self and gives you an expanded view.

A simple exercise: Think of one nice thing that happened today that you can be thankful for….notice how you feel as you dwell on it.  Now, think of a negative thing that made you sad or angry or upset or fearful….notice how you feel as you dwell on it. Which one made you smile?  Which one made you feel uplifted? Which one made you feel heavy? Which one made you feel light? So the more times you find something to be grateful / thankful for, the more times you feel good.  The more times you feel good, the more of that joy you spread to others.   Watch out… it could be contagious…. It’s that simple!


Forgiveness is not a moral issue. It is an energy dynamic…Forgiveness means that you do not carry the baggage of an experience. When you choose not to forgive, the experience that you do not forgive sticks with you. When you choose not to forgive, it is like agreeing to wear dark, gruesome sunglasses that distort everything and it is you who are forced every day to look at life through those contaminated lenses because you have chosen to keep them. ~ Gary Zukav from ‘The Seat Of The Soul ~

Write down on a piece of paper what you are ready to forgive. Roll it up and tie the paper with a black ribbon. Place it in a fireproof container and set it on fire. As the paper burns, say:

These feelings have taken over making my heart heavy and sad. Burn them away, remove them, and cleanse my heart and soul. Allow my heart to forgive and heal. This is my wish, so mote it be. -Kerry Connor

Pearl of Wisdom

Pearls are a miracle of nature brought about by chance. A grain of sand finds its way into an oyster shell. Irritated by the intrusion, the animal coats the grain with nacre, forming the pearl. The lesson we can take away from this process is that a negative experience can be made into something beautiful.

To activate this magic in your life, close your eyes and visualize a grain of sand. See it as a challenge you are facing, one that is uncomfortable but you must live with. Cover that grain of sand with a veil of white radiance. See and feel the grain soften and loose its abrasive edges, its ability to cause pain or discomfort. With every layer, repeat:

I surround you in love, I surround you with myself, Until I glow from within.

See the grain become a pearl. Repeat this meditation whenever you are facing a challenge.

Clutter BE GONE

“Clutter is just stagnant energy. Where there’s clutter in your home, there will be clutter in you — either physically, mentally or emotionally.”  – Book: Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life by Tisha Morris


Working with the Elements


In magical terms, Air is the power of the mind, the force of intellect, inspiration, imagination. It is ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air is the element of new life and new possibilities and is essential to spells and rituals of travel, instruction, finding lost items, some types of divination, and freedom. Air aids us in visualization, a vital technique in magic. Air is a masculine element and governs the magick of the four winds. It is the vital spirit passing through all things, giving life to all things, moving and filling all things.


The element of Fire is both creative and destructive, its qualities are Brightness, Thinness and Motion and its mode is Active. Fire fuels our passions but unlike the other elements, it does not exist in a natural state. Its physical form can only take place by consuming some other element. Fire is the transformer, converting the energy of other objects into other forms: heat, light, ash, and smoke. Fire is a masculine element, its aspects being change, passion, creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality. It is sexuality, both physical and spiritual. Fire is used in spells, rituals and candle magic for healing, purification, sex, breaking bad habits or destroying illness and disease. Fire is the element of authority and leadership.


Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic, and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love that pours over us when we are with our family, friends and loved ones. As well as being vital for life, within the energy of this element is contained the essence of love. Love is the underlying reason for all magic. Water is love. Water is a feminine element, it also the element of emotion and subconscious, of purification, intuition, mysteries of the self, compassion and family. It is psychic ability; water can be used as a means of scrying or as an object for meditation. Water is important in spells and rituals of friendship, marriage, happiness, fertility, healing, pleasure, psychic abilities and spells involving mirrors.


Earth is the element of stability, foundations and of the body. The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. It is also the physical Earth on which we live and the very heart of life. It is the center foundation and mother of all things. Earth is a feminine element and governs stone and knot magic.


Spirit the binding force between the other elements. It is the fifth element, the binding part that runs through all matter, and it is also the collective unconscious of life-forms. This is the realm of potentiality: of promise, of paths not yet taken, of unformed galaxies, of outer space. It is also present within our bodies. Some say that the spark of life, that unknowable force that is called the “soul,” is a bit of spirit energy housed in the physical body. Spirit element is sometimes thought to be symbolically present on the Earth. More often it’s seen as the Mother of the elements. It’s the primal source of energy that creates and fuels the elements. It contains complete, balanced energy: Earth and Air and Fire and Water.


Using the items in your parcel


Burning incense is associated with the element Air and Fire it helps us to create and open the way to a sacred space. Burning incense has symbolic meanings that help focus your attention on the purpose of a ritual, meditation or magical working. Magickal Folk uses natural loose herbal resin incense and potpourri. Chemically dipped commercial incense sticks are BANNED from my boxes!

Bath Tea Bags

Magickal baths are associated with the Element of Water. The act is a spiritual cleansing and centering activity that grounds us and prepares us for our ritual acts. Also known as ritual baths or spiritual baths, are used cleanse us and restore our balance and harmony with the natural world before we set out to use our will and intent in our rites, rituals, and ceremonies. Ritual Baths can also incorporate the use of candles, herbs, incenses, oils and, of course, bath crystals.


Spiritual Oils are associated with the hidden fifth element of Spirit and help us reach out into the unseen ether and summon from it the forces we wish to communicate with or use in our rites and rituals. Magickal Folk creates Ritual Oil a.k.a. Magickal Oils and Aromatherapy Oils a.k.a. spiritual oils or meditation oils. These are two most common types of spiritual oils and are both used with therapeutic grade essential oils. Unless specifically noted for certain spells, Spiritual and Aromatherapy oils are to be used on you third eye and pulse points during ritual or meditation or as a perfume throughout the day to help with focus and intent. In ritual fashion, oils are to be used to anoint magickal tools, burned as incense or added to the water in a magickal bath.

Herbs, Flowers & Shrubs

Every herb, root, flower, bark, fruit, wood and leaf are included in this category. They are all associated with the element of earth. Herbs can be used burned incense or smudge, consumed in food or drinks, soaked in a magickal bath, used in a sachet for aromatherapy, worn fresh or dried to enhance & balance your aura.

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are associated with the element of Earth. Crystals can be worn as jewelry, kept on your person or infused in water or oil elixirs, enchanted incense blends and other herbal products to heal your aura. Crystals are chosen for vibrational frequencies and magickal properties.


Candles are associated with the element of fire. Candles are a form of knot magick but have many metaphysical uses including but not limited to aromatherapy, candle magick and as a focus tool for meditation. When you light a candle you are igniting a fire to your intent. Candles are always a form of committing to something whether it be an intent or affirmation. Unless otherwise noted, candles given will be virgin candles, non-anointed or charged. Reiki Charged Intent candles will most likely be in every parcel and can be used for any of the above purposes. Chime candles are for use in rituals and/or candle magick.


Depending on the theme of the parcel, certain tools may be included such as bells and chimes, dreamcatchers, feathers, bowls, fabric material and talismans. In every case, details or instructions will be provided.

Bells and Chimes

Some parcels received bells as part of the theme or as a free gift. Your bell(s) could be used to announce the beginning, changes or ends of ritual or meditation, and to bless and protect a space. To summon, or make others aware of your presence. Before a prayer or offering is to be made. To work with the element of Air. To raise and increase energy through vibration. Warning and banishing. Used on the front door for protection. Used in wind chimes to communicate with Air and for protection charms.

All herbs and oils are attuned with a singing bowl before preparation and all parcels are consecrated in an herbal resin for protection before shipping!







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