Moon Circle Meditation



A moon circle is a place to meditate upon when seeking answers or direction. It is a place for you to solve problems, come to a better understanding of situations as well as divining the future.

Using objects of your choice, a moon circle can be built indoors or out, big or small. The circle is divided into the four major compass directions with each having their own specific meaning and insights. A moon circle appears to be much like a medicine wheel in design but is very different in method and meaning.

To make a moon circle you will need a minimum of 5 marker objects. This can be stones, crystals, shells, candles or any other object that feels right to you in your purpose.

Mark off the four compass points (North, East, South, West) making sure your north marker is truly marked north, east is truly east, and so on. I like to use clear quartz as it is programmable and universal. You can connect these markers with objects to create the middle circle or you may choose to leave it open for a simple moon circle that is temporary.

Make a small circle in the center of the 4 direction markers. This is your center circle or 1st circle. In the middle of this center circle, place your 5th marker. The 1st circle and marker represents your energy center. An ever circling universal life force. You may choose to create a 3rd larger outer circle to contain your moon circle. This is optional. When creating this larger 3rd circle, you will need to leave an entrance path at the East and an exit path at the West. For a simple solitary circle, the 5 markers and center circle will suffice. Keep in mind the size of your circle. You will need to make the circle large enough that you can sit in between the marker stones and center circle. Be practical by placing some sort of seat or cushion inside each of the 4 quarters before you start.

Once you circle has been built, enter your circle from the east, as this is where the sun rises and is the direction that opens passages. You will exit through the west, where the sun sets. Next you will want to cleanse yourself and the circle. You can perform a smudging ritual using a smudge stick or other ritual herbs of your choice. If you do not have smudge or you do not want to smudge, simply pass your hands back and forth and visualize any negative energy being swept from your circle and off of yourself.

Now you are ready to begin! Enter the moon circle from the east going north while walking the outer perimeter of the middle circle three times. After circling three times you should begin to feel your energy shift. Do not stop just because you have circled three times, feel free to continue to walk until you feel it is time to stop. When you stop, stop in the direction you are led to and sit in that section of the circle. Sit in any meditating position that is relaxing for you. Always sit facing forward toward the center power marker. In other words, you may be sitting in the section that is ruled by west but once in the west area you are facing east. The message you pick up will be from an eastern nature with crossover energy from the west. It is not necessary to know which direction you are facing as you can determine that later.

Once you are in your direction/message point, calm and relax yourself. Allow the message to come to you. Ask silent questions if you like and see what your intuition says. Once you feel you have received the messages you seek you may exit your message point. Give thanks to the energy of the circle and leave the circle through the west as this gives closure to the ceremony.

If you are not looking for a specific message but you feel a connection to a certain direction, walk your circle and intentionally sit in the direction you are seeking. Be mindful meditating too much in a specific direction. Use all direction in moderation.

The Four Directions

North – Wisdom, Completion, freedom from things holding you back, call for balance, practical solutions, common sense, do not give up, power, organizing, insight, justice. Whenever in doubt, turn north.

South – Emotions, matters of the heart, passion, fullness, self-control, express your feelings, release feelings of hurt and anger, imagination, creativity and inventiveness.

East – Renewal, birth, rebirth, spontaneity, innocence, hope, trust, leadership, guidance, believe what we cannot see, new ventures, awakening, accept the present situation, conception of all things.

West – Mystery, dreams, gateway to the unknown, completion, strength, determination and development, go within for guidance, accept who you are or change it.

**Pictured above is a temporary traveling moon circle I made using fluorite strands and clear quartz crystal.



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Moon Circle.png
Magickal Folk Moon Circle Diagram 



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