On Banishing and Cleansing

Banishing Spells remove something or someone from your presence, often permanently. In any situation you may feel you need a banishing spell you are likely to benefit from a ritual cleansing, purification and/or smudging. I recommend taking these steps first then reconsider the need for a banishing spell. Banishing goes against the natural flow of life and borders on manipulating free will. There are a few Banishing spells that I feel are free from karmic debt and stick to the creed. I have posted them below. Of course there are more, but here are a few to get started with. Another great way to banish negativity from your life without using a banishing spell is to work in a positive manner creating a happy peaceful living/work space. This is my recommended method in dealing with negative forces. Kill em with kindness:)

Magickal workers tend to cleanse and purify on a regular schedule. Cleansing and removing any tainted energies in a space then replacing them with sacredness is required to promote peace and maintain positive energies. I personally will not enter the study or begin working on these parcels until my energy is right and a cleansing has taken place (if needed). Again, there are many many more ways to cleans, purify and create sacred spaces. These are just a few to get started with.


Aspersion is the most popular form of cleansing next to smudging. It is more discreet than smudging or any other form of magickal smoke method. Aspersion is to sprinkle with liquid for spiritual purposes, most commonly used liquid is holy water but here are many other waters used for spiritual cleansing and protection.

  • Florida Water – Intense cleansing and protection
  • Notre Dame Water – promotes peace & happy homes, spiritually cleansing, use for uncrossing
  • Peace water – brings serenity to a trouble household
  • Rose of Jericho – cleansing, house blessings & spell reversals
  • Four thieves vinegar – Banishing, commanding and driving away evil
  • Indigo water – Spiritual protection and advert the evil eye


Enchanted Purification Herbs (Magickal Folk)

includes Sea Salt, Eucalyptus, Sage, Rosemary, Frankincense, and Peppermint. Purification herbal mix is for cleansing the Mind, Body & Spirit and new beginnings. Burn as incense, use in an herbal sachet, gris gris or sprinkled in a candle. You can also seep in water for a floor wash.


Basil Happiness Spell

Surround your home with fresh basil to fill it with joy, stimulate tranquility, harmony and cooperation. Cook with it as much as possible


Dragons Blood Resin Peace Spell

Grind dragons blood resin in a pestle & mortar with salt and sugar. Using dragons blood resin should help you control and maintain peace throughout the home.

Option 1 – Put the powder in a matchbox. Place the matchbox in a white envelope and seal it. Decorate the envelope with sigils, seals, runes or other magickal symbols to represent your intent. Hide the envelope so only you know where it is.

Option 2 – You can also burn the powder over charcoal waving the smoke throughout the home.


Fairy Blessing

Leave fresh primroses on your doorstep to invite the fairies to bless your home with happiness, luck and prosperity.


Happy Home Jar

Place dried mother wort in a jar, surround it with family pictures.Also, sprinkle dried mother wort inside the back of the picture frame before closing.


Joy and laughter spell oil

Combine essential oils of sweet orange, lime and grapefruit to a carrier oil. Dress candles and burn throughout the home or wear as a perfume to fill your aura with joy and laughter.


Enchanted Banishing Herbs (Magickal Folk)

Sea Salt, Myrrh, Cloves, Nettle, Rosemary, Frankincense, Horehound, and Pennyroyal Leaf. Banishing herbs are intended to aid you in clearing your aura of negative energy. Burn as incense, use in an herbal sachet, gris gris or sprinkled in a candle. You can also seep in water for a floor wash.


Banish Depression Candle Spell

Light 1 pink and 1 yellow candle in front of you and chant

Blessed goddess of love and light

Please come help me on this night

My heart is heavy and my feelings are blue

My soul is sad, I don’t know what to do

Help me banish the pain I feel

This lackluster feeling has no appeal

Help me see the love begin and

Feel my heart with light again

Let me climb up out of this hole

And be with you heart, mind and soul

I ask thee goddess on this night

Let me be with love and light

So mote it be


Banishing Bad Habits Bath

Essential Oils of Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass and Rosemary. Set your magickal bath intent of breaking specific habits prior to bathing by using any method (ritual candles, incense, focus words and/or affirmations are a great start!) Begin by seeping yourself in warm running water with the essential oils. Inhale the scents, use affirmations and positive visualizations. Double terminated crystals work well to help break old habits, destructive patterns, and heal addictions.


Banishing Bad Habits with Frankincense

Frankincense is well known for breaking the bonds of addiction, bad habits and unhealthy relationships. Using Dives blood ink and parchment, write down the specific tie that needs to be broken. Write your full name on the reverse side of the parchment. Anoint the 4 corners with frankincense oil. Place parchment in a small dish with your name facing upward. Take a white candle dressed with frankincense & myrrh, place it atop the paper on the dish and burn.


Anemone Spell

Carry anemone (windflower) in a gris gris with a small silver charm shaped to a triangle to stop harassment and bullying.

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