Magickal Folk Private Group

This is huge, you a HUGE part of your parcel experience depends on info in this group!!!

In late March of 2016, a private Facebook group was launched where subscribers can seek, transmute, exchange, request, open up and learn in a private setting.

Although updates are given via email and generally in this wordpress blog. The Magickal Folk Facebook group is active on a daily basis and the #1 place you should go in regards to your parcel.

Throughout the month, we are actively participating, exchanging, learning new perspectives, breaking barriers, letting go, moving on and opening up. Your journey begin with the contents in your box and continues for about 4 weeks through this magickal community and comradery.

Please note, only active subscribers are allowed to join and remain an active member!

For all DIY tribe subscribers, this is my gift back to you for supporting me! I will be posting recipes, answering tons of questions and gifting downloadable often. A share all the free stuff I can find AND I give you at least 1 set of Book of shadows printables each month!

To request membership please click here


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