Flower Essence Recipes


Flower Essences are not used in the same manner of aromatherapy, spiritual oils or spell oils. Mother essences are in a class of their own and are used in Flower Magick on a vibrational and nature spirit level to encourage balance. They are most often taken internally or rubbed on the skin. You can choose your dilution solution based on your sensitivity or personal preference. Traditional essences are Mother Essences diluted with alcohol such as vodka, brandy or wine. You can also use vinegar or water.

To Make a Mother Essence

This Mother essence recipe is quite potent. Use in magickal baths and ritual blessings and cleansing.

Optional Tools

1 Singing Bowl
1 Bell – for energy clearing
4-6 Quartz Crystals
Required Tools & Ingredients

1 Cup of Spring Water or other Charged Water
1 Clear Glass Bowl
Metal Tongs or Slotted Spoon
1 Cup Fresh Flowers or herbs of your choosing
1 cup Vodka or Brandy
1 Funnel
Glass Bottle for Storage

Setting up your station

The best time of day is the Morning but the timing will change depending on the intent of the essence. Build your workstation so you can facilitate the flowers and materials without casting your shadow over the work space. I found this is best done by working in a straight line from left to right facing east soon after the morning dew dries.

Choosing the flower

You may choose a specific flower based on its magickal specialties but keep in mind you can not make a magickal flower essence with purchased fresh cut flowers or purchased dried flowers. To make a magickal flower essence, you must intuitively choose and respect the flower and its spirit. Once you connect with the right flower, ask its permission. For the remainder of this process use caution not to cast your shadow or touch your flower with your vibration. An easy way to do this is to use clippers and clip flower or flowers straight into the bowl. Use whole flowers, do not pick the pedals!! Be mindful of the method in which you use this essence and and hazards that may come with your flower such as possibility of pesticide residue, insects, and/or toxins from the flower itself. Its best to plant the type of flowers your desire in your own magickal garden where they’ve been blessed and safe for your use.

The Water

Add your fresh spring water to your singing bowl and begin a small session to align and attune the waters vibrations.  Pour enough water into the bowl to cover the flowers.

Quartz Crystals

Once your flowers are covered with water, you will need some sort of tool to keep them submerged in water. Many recipes call for the use of coffee filters. I use quartz crystals. In additional to all the benefits and versatility of quartz, Clear quartz also enhances communication with plants and nature spirits. It just seems fitting!

Charging the flowers

Charge in the light of the sun for 3-6 hours depending on the temperature. Use caution when placing your bowl as shadows may cast during this charging time and you want to be able to work with the flowers without casting your own on them! Another cautionary note is to ensure not to leave the flowers in the sun so long they cook. The water should get warm but not hot.

To Make a Flower Essence

Take 5-7 drops of Mother Essence water to 4 ounces of dilution solution. Your dilution solution is usually spring water. Once the flower essence is prepared, store in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks and take 1-4 drops daily.


Short list of a few flowers & their specialties

  • Agapanthus – Inner knowing, intuition, self mastery
  • Black-Eyed Susan – Cleansing & releasing, grounding
  • Bleeding Heart – Beauty in pain, healing depression
  • Bougainvillea – Beauty, purity
  • Calla Lilly – Peace
  • Camellia – Activate
  • Carnation – Rebirth
  • Cherry Blossom – forgiveness, innocence
  • Chrysanthemum – light, clarity
  • Cinquefoil – Creativity and playfulness
  • Clover – Abundance, strength
  • Crocus – Banishing nightmares, cooling emotions
  • Dahlia – dreams, mystique, occult wisdom
  • Daisy – Simplicity, purification
  • Dandelion – Happiness, wishes, animal protection
  • Datura – Astral travel, magickal power
  • Forget-Me-Not – Clarity and focus, perspective, success
  • Foxglove – Courage, Faery connection
  • Freesia – Changes
  • Geranium – Goddess energy
  • Honeysuckle – Activating intuition, luck, beginnings & endings
  • Hyacinth – Abundance, glamour
  • Hydrangea – Boundaries, redirecting patterns, karma
  • Impatiens – Alignment with divine timing
  • Iris – Inner truth, divine messages
  • Jasmine – Sensuality, joy, abundance
  • Lavender – Relaxation, protection, healing
  • Lilac – Chakra balancing, psychic abilities
  • Lily – Angels, goddess alignment, harmony
  • Magnolia – Awakening ancient wisdom, personal power
  • Morning Glory – Awaken to the magick of life, guidance
  • Narcissus – Freedom from the past, spiritual refreshment
  • Neroli – Harmonious relationships, happy children
  • Orchid – Expressing uniqueness
  • Pansy – Calming stress relief
  • Poppy – Surrender and release
  • Rose – Abundance, beauty, blessing, love
  • Snapdragon – Hex reversal, owning your power
  • Sunflower – Happiness, health, vitality
  • Tuberose – Intuition, peace, protection
  • Tulip – Desire, grounding, gratitude, strengthening
  • Water Lily – Creative flow, healing, transmutation
  • Wisteria – Beauty that increases with age, divine blessings, wisdom
  • Yarrow – Banishing, exorcism, protection











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