Waning Moon Journal Exercise


A self-love exercise providing room for the life you desire

Create a true life reflection journal that is a work of art. Make this journal a lifelong keepsake that you can work in every waning moon phase. Choose a quality bound book that holds at least 1 hundred pages of thick paper that can hold the test of time. Draw, color, decorate, cut and paste images or statements, save dried flowers or anything else that captures the essence of your thoughts. This is not a book of intentions, desires, wants and needs. It is a book of forgiving and loving yourself and others. You will, through your creative expression, create an illustrated journey of how you as a complex, resilient, beautiful and powerful woman conquered your battles and celebrated your enlightenment.

Write Daily:

I keep a notebook open and ready so I can write on the go. I have to dedicate time in order to keep my journals up-to-date. It can be tedious but is uber important to the process and in the end it feels good knowing I took the time for myself.


  • Find a daily inspiration. Anything that gives or gave you a boost. Something that inspired you or spoke to your soul.
  • Write about the things you think about. Even if they are single words or symbols.
  • Identify an area of yourself or life that needs change. Write about the release, even if you do not have a solution.
  • When dealing with unwanted negatives, changes or other stressors, think of them an opportunity for you to practice healing. If writing about any issues write an intention affirmation that goes along with it to balance out the negative. For example, instead of writing Todays was terrible, I lost my job and I don’t know how Ill pay my rent. Try rethinking it in a positive way (even if you are not feeling positive) Instead write something like “Today was a big day of change. Lost my job but that means I get to start a new chapter. In my new chapter I want…… This is an opportunity to do something I have always wanted like……. The art of turning your negative into a positive is what is so beautiful. Remember the teaching of the lotus. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.
  • If you are drawing a blank there, find courage, confidence and power in your strength as you will figure it all out. You have the resources in you to overcome all challenges you are faced with. You’re a fighter!
  • Write something positive about yourself. If you do nothing else in this journal, be sure to do this one!

Do Daily:

  • Share something positive with someone. Give!
  • Stretch, do yoga, run in place. Anything to get your blood pumping. Discipline your will!
  • Drink tea, infuse it with crystals and intent before you start your day. Conspire in your awakening! Affirm your desires. Be Confident!
  • Work on letting go of something, replace it with something magickal.
  • Reward yourself!




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