Waning Moon Phase Ritual

Waning Moon Phase Ritual: Letting Go & Burning your Disappointments

Let go of their hidden hurt and niggling scars. Surrender the replays in your head. Name them. Burn them. Set yourself free from their constant discomfort and lowering of your vibration.
Fire rituals are an ancient alchemy for purifying and cleansing. Fire transforms energy. Big time. And fast. It deepens the letting go process. The fire offers completion. An end.
Simply tune into your disappointments, let them be heard for one last hooray. Burn the words along with their power into the flame. Release them from your energy field once and for all.
Healing practice:
Write down your disappointments small, big, silly and seemingly insignificant. Take your time. Jot a few down each day or as you remember them. Keep a note book beside your bed. They often come in your dreams.
Hold the list of disappointments – out in front of you. See them for what they are. The past. You no longer need to carry them around with you. Give yourself permission to let them go.
Wish them farewell with the following chant as you throw them into the flames.
“I release you now with ease and grace, into the flame, surrendering all ties you have to my body, thoughts and energy fields. And so it is.’
It’s best to burn big disappointments individually. The stronger their hold on you the more reason to burn them one by one. You’ll know.
After this process its wise to smudge your body with some palo santo sacred wood or white sage.

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