Magickal Herbs for Protection

  • General Protection ~ Hawthorn, Comfrey, Heather, Hyssop, Bay Leaf, Mistletoe, Mullein, Peony, St. John’s Wort, Solomon’s Seal, Vervain, Clover, Mugwort, Agrimony, Poke, Overlain, Violet, Aloe, Fennel
  • Against Negative Energy ~ Nettle leaves, Elecampane, Rosemary, Yarrow, Dill, Ivy, pennyroyal, Betony, Cayenne, Fern
  • Banishing ~ Dragonsblood, Angelica, Cactus, Asafetida, Garlic, Rue, Heliotrope, Lilac
  • Protection of Material Items ~ Juniper, Myrrh
  • Home Protection ~ Marjoram, Bay Leaf, Coriander, Holly, Foxglove, Pure Salt, Chamomile
    Uncrossing ~ Ague Root, Hyssop, Peppermint, Thyme, Cinquefoil, Wormwood, Verbena, Rose
  • Ward Off Evil both Spiritual & Mundane ~ Acacia, Basil, Agrimony, Sandalwood, Boneset, Mullein, Rosemary, Frankincense, Rue, Violet, Caraway, Balm of Gilead, Fern, Lilac, Periwinkle
  • Bad Dreams & Nightmares ~ Lavender, Dandelion, Hyacinth
  • Physical Attack ~ Carnations, Geranium, Camphor, Elder, Vetivert, Juniper
  • Psychic/Astral Attack ~ Cedar, Clove, Dill, Ivy, Yarrow, Nettle leaves, Pennyroyal, acacia, St. John’s Wort,

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