I am me. Deal with it.

This month were celebrating what some call the Hare Moon. It is a time to reaffirm your life. Reaffirm your desires. Stick to your guns, dig in and make your statement. What is your statement? Your ritual planning this full moon should be set to declaring your personal affirmation. Not ready? Trust yourself, your ready. You’ve been at this for awhile now. You have a statement. You have an affirmation.

Your parcel was quite simple this month. A Goddess themed meditation or altar space that sets the stage for you to connect with the goddess and divine self. A sacred space to find your truth. Aspire to be all that you are meant to be.

A Reiki Charged Votive for Cleansing

Palo Santo incense for energy clearing and purifying

Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, and is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit, and has a strong resonance within the chakras from the heart up. It is a stone that awakens the heart, and facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation. Once you have used it you will appreciate the wonderful gifts that it brings into your life. This lovely crystal helps you to bring the things that you desire into your life, as it helps you to take control of your life. The high vibration of this stone, and its connection with the heart, makes it one of the most powerful high crystal energy stones. Own one, use it, decide to transform your life. The possibilities for personal transformation within both your spirituality and health are boundless. [healing crystals for you]

Scolecite Affirmation: I am connected to every realm of the Universe

Chevron Amethyst: Banded/Chevron Amethyst is one of the best stones to work with the Third-Eye, enhancing both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence. You can use Banded Amethyst to cleanse the aura and subtle bodies, to promote spiritual healing, and to enhance one’s psychic abilities. Excellent for all types of introspective work, Chevron Amethyst can deepen the meditative state, allowing one’s higher guidance to communicate.

Chevron Amethyst Affirmation: Infinite possibilities are available to me.

If your out of sorts and having trouble with reaffirming. Research the chakra that is most out of balance for you and begin working that into your Full Moon charge and waning moon release. Here are a few links:



I will be available in the private facebook group at 7pm PST Thursday evening May 19, 2016. to answer any questions I can in helping you make this affirmation happen!

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