Rune Magick ~ May Witchy Woman Box

By popular vote we are working with Runes in the witchy woman parcel this month. I am excited to spend the next few weeks delving into runes magick and lore. Many of you are experienced in runes and many are not so PLEASE dont be shy!

For the sake of staying on track and focused as a group and because of my own personal resonance with runes. I will reference Paul Rhys Mountfort book titled Nordic Runes.

When researching rune blessings you will find many different versions. One would think your runes would need a ritual cleansing & blessing like you would a tarot or pendulum but Norse tradition is a bit different. Being this is a mostly new experience for you my humble opinion on blessing your runes would be for you to bless them the way you normally would for your tradition. In your blessing ritual honor Odin by setting a sacred space of black and blue, drink, offer and anoint your runes and candle in red wine, offer smoked salmon, and stones of royalty like lapis lazuli. Be sure to ask for Odins blessing and that he imparts runic wisdom onto you. Take time to do your research and be respectful showing that you understand their meaning before asking for a blessing.


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