Planner + Theory

What is ritual?

For starters, it is defined as “A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” Fundamentally, ritual is a process not a single act. It has a structure that can be described or repeated in some way. It is outside our ordinary reality in some way. It brings different parts of our selves together to act in unison (physical/mental/emotional selves or multiple levels of consciousness). It has a specific goal – this can be religious (honoring deity) or non-religious (practical magical working or other tasks.)

Why do we do ritual?

Ritual is a bridge to a spiritual communion. When performing ritual we actively participate in awakening and connecting to our soul. When done correctly, ritual can heal wounds, manifest abundance, overcome obstacles, break down barriers, remove blockages, and self-empower.

Rituals are performed to:

  • Honor the Gods and Goddesses
  • Celebrate the wheel of the year, cycles of the seasons or phases of the moon
  • Celebrate rites of passages (becoming an adult, birth, death, marriage)
  • Set magical goals and weave spells – prosperity, abundance, healing, releasing, fertility, ect.
  • Self-transformation or other work with the self (blessing, growth).

Self-Transformational rituals can take many forms. Most commonly practiced as a self care routine and make up a wide range of repeated activities depending on the practitioner.

Each Esbat or Sabbat has a “period of energy” many groups consider there to be a 3 day period of the energy surrounding an Esbat or Sabbat. The day of the Sabbat or Esbat, and then the day before and the day after. This sometimes simplifies scheduling and other demands, since both Sabbats and Esbats can fall on any day of the week. Many groups celebrate most or all Esbats and Sabbats on the nearest weekend, to make it easier for everyone to get there.

The effects, however, last much longer. Moon phase energies will last a full cycle until its next phase. The Full Moon energy if May will continue through the next waning and waxing phase until the next Full Moon. The same applies for New Moon energy.

I have put together a printable Moon Ritual Planner for your use. This planner is free to use and share. Please credit Magickal Folk when doing so:)

Download the Magickal Folk Moon Ritual Planner FREE!

Or copy my list below

  • When is the Moon Ritual?
  • What phase am I planning for?
  • When am I free to do the ritual?
  • Where will I be doing this ritual?
  • What are the astrological or other considerations?
  • What do I want to focus on? Is there any work I want to do that is best done at this point?
  • What am I going to do in this ritual? Ritual can include a huge range of things like meditation, spell weaving, creating a magical item (talisman, altar tool, statue, figurine, bottle, oil, ect.) for later use, divination, and many other things. You want to pick specific actions that suit the timing and the focus of the ritual.
  • What materials do I need to do that?
  • Do I need to prepare anything in advance?
  • How will I know if it’s successful (if that matters?) How will I measure the success of your ritual?


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