June’s Full Honey Moon

In ancient Pagan times, June weddings would be celebrated by drinking a liquor made from Honey. Hence the June moon was called the “Honey Moon”. And yes, it’s the origin of the term “Honeymoon”. liquor made from honey is known as Mead, this is why this moon is also known as the Mead Moon.

This month, we are tying in the energy of the Full Money moon and infusing it with the Solstice as we plan a Midsummer Celebration and Esbat Ritual to align our energies and kick of this Summer Season with Fiery Passion and Vitality.


  • Tarot: The Moon
  • Herbs: meadowsweet, vervain, parsley, skullcap
  • Colors: orange, golden-green
  • Stones: topaz, agate, fluorite, pearl
  • Animals: honey bee, butterfly, frog, peacock
  • Goddesses: Butterfly Maiden, Cerridwen, Ishtar
  • Power : Contentment; Litha: Summer Solstice; time of light; decision making; strengthen and reward positive qualities of oneself

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