Summer Solstice Magickal Oil

For the June Mood Goddess parcel I made a very special oil for an enchanted summer season of anointing and consecrating. I wanted to give you a magickally blessed oil that captures the energy of the Full Moon and Solstice in one. A cool feminine sensual patchouli with the summer herbs of abundance, strength, love and happiness.  Once charged and infused this oil could quite possibly be the strongest oils you can make for abundance, love and happiness for many years to come. The full moon does not always fall on the Solstice making this supreme boost in energy rare. In one 24 hour period you will feel the Sun and Moon at its greatest strength. This is the time to harvest, bless and charge like no other. Take stock in your path since Yule. Be grateful for all you have accomplished, all you have endured, all you have survived, all you have healed. Soak in the rays of the Solstice Sun to charge your soul. Anoint and Bless yourself you deserve it.

The full moon is called the Honey Moon. Celebrate it by taking yourself on a honeymoon Even if you don’t go anywhere. Celebrate you and all that radiates within. Take this Full Moon ritual as an opportunity to focus on your brightest light and nothing else.

I chose a yellow recycled glass Spanish jar and a crystal wrap for energy infusion. Within your bottle I blessed and sun charged dried herbs of Marigold Flowers, Patchouli Herb, Chamomile Flowers, and Cinnamon Sticks. I added Local Orange Blossom Honey, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Clear Quartz Crystals to complete the oil.

Wrap the crystal wrap around the neck of the bottle to infuse moonstone, sunstone and citrine crystal energy into your oil. The wrap itself is made of clear quartz crystal chips, small hand cut citrine beads near the clasp and a goddess charm with sunstone & rainbow moonstone. Once wrapped with these crystals and set them out in direct moonlight on the night of the full moon. Be sure to find a special place where the bottle and crystals can remain from sunset on the full moon to sunset of the solstice. Be careful to ensure no shadows pass over the bottle throughout the ritual. Leave in direct sun and moon light throughout the entire time.

The hemp cord knotted on the bottle is more for shipping purposes and not needed. Feel free to open and add in herbs, strips of papers with hand written spells or even charms before setting out to charge.

Magickal Blessings to you!


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