The Wild Unknown Tarot

My absolute honor to be able to give this deck to you guys! I am so excited to go to The Wild Unknown with you! I ask that you pull a card a day from the major arcana until you are familiar then move to the minor. It is a good idea to do your first spread after breaking in your deck and getting to know all the cards first.

You can purchase a deck with blessing herbs and candle as well as a guidebook in my Non-Subscription Shop.

Please take a minute to read Kim Krans post on Breaking in your deck HERE.

I gave you 3 special herbs for a bright beginning and magickal blessing in your deck bonding.

  • Organic Life Everlasting Flowers to bless your deck with vitality, longevity and healing through happiness.
  • Red Roses to infuse your deck energy with love of all kinds.
  • Mugwort is a protective herb when used as a sachet (such as this case) It doubles as an aid in divination when used as an incense.
  • 1 Yellow candle to use while blessing your deck and infusing your initial thoughts and energy. Yellow is a color of pleasure, success, happiness, learning, memory, concentration, persuasion, inspiration, imagination, solar magick, charm, confidence, air element, travel, flexibility, Healing, friendship, increase productivity, remove negative thinking, increase creativity, inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty, life, humility, intellect, positive energy.


Here is a Past – Present – Future spread to kick this month off! [one of many to come!]

Past – The Sun, Vitality & Enlightenment

“Imagine for a moment you’re soaking in the warm rays of the sun. It feels nourishing and healing, like all your aches and pains just fade away. The sun card brings this amazing energy into your life. Vitality and health abound, while you feel assurance and clarity in all you do. Spend some extra time outside today. Be grateful for the radiance of the sun and the life force it gives all creatures.”

Present – The Magician, Self Empowerment & Action

“The Magician is a card of boundless, expansive energy. Whereas many of the major arcana deal with stillness or aspects of the mind…this card is all about action, action, action. It is time to see yourself as the wildcat – embrace his speed, grace, and abilities. Do not be afraid to begin. You have the power of all four elements within your reach, now is the time to use them.”

Future – The Wheel of Fortune, Destiny and Change of Course

“Whether day or night the wheel of fortune is always in motion. Some call it fate, others destiny. Its possible to go months or years without feeling its presence… but when this card appears the eye of the wheel is fixed upon you. Don’t be surprised if there’s a change of course heading your way. Something you’d least expect. Whatever happens to you at this time know that it is bringing you closer to your life’s purpose. ”

-Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown

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