How do you Bless and Cleanse your Deck?

There are a plethora of variations to bless your deck for your first time. There are equally as many ways to cleanse it. How do you keep your deck cleansed?

In your box, I gave you life everlasting flowers, red rose pedals and mugwort with a yellow candle for your deck blessing. These herbs are to infuse vitality, happiness and love into your Wild Unknown deck but you can incorporate anything into your ritual. I would love for you to share pictures of your blessings & cleanings!!

You want to hold your cards in your right hand (known as your giving hand). By holding them you are giving them your energy. When attuning a new deck, you want to spend a lot of time holding the deck and even placing the deck under your pillow while you sleep.

You can bless your deck in any fashion you deem sacred. I like to nestle mine in a bed of special herbs and placed in the sun and blessed with a candle spell.


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