The Fool

I love the visual interpretation of the fool in this deck. For me, the interpretation of the ugly duckling that walks its own path and becomes a beautiful swan is more of the fool than the Jester that originated with the Rider Waite. Even though we learn through study that the Fool card is mostly a positive card about new beginnings and innocence our subconscious is ingrained to associate the word Fool with making bad decisions. With the Fool and many times throughout the Tarot system you will find yourself in an intellectual conflict with the English language verses the RW interpretation. In this case, you draw a Fool Card and may take it as a bad omen but in actuality the card signifies greatness at your doorstep. The Fool card captures that single moment when you decide to take that first step toward such greatness. It calls you to awaken to the possibilities in front of you but warns of the risks and consequences associated with such abundances.

The Fool card is the 0 card in the deck representing the beginning of a journey, the cosmic egg, and as the fool journeys through the sequence of the major arcana he is part of every card. With that, the Fool is a dreamer, the innocent, the believer, the achiever, the optimist, the brave, the adventurer, the inexperienced, the free spirit.

The Fool is a great card to resonate with when seeking inspiration when you are feeling stagnant. The spread below can help you in making choices or simply meditating with the fool can bring about desired change and inspiration.

The Fool Correspondences in Rider Waite

  • Number in sequence: 0
  • Astrologocial Sign or Planet: Uranus
  • Element: Air
  • The Tree of Life Pathway: First, between Kether & Chockman
  • Chakra: Crown for spiritual connection, base for survival
  • Key Meanings: Spontaneity, Innocence, Beginnings, Risk
  • Message: Leap, but look first
  • Symbols: dog, white rose, butterfly, the bundle, white sun, red feather

The Wild Unknown

“the fool is ready to fly. His young wings ache for flight & with a single step he leaves behind the comfort st to begin the journey through the major arcana. Is he ready? Will he fall? This is a card about beginnings. It all points to the side of you that is spontaneous, excited, naïve, and inexperienced. Others may doubt your abilities. Be ready to be called “the fool”. Be ready to fall. No matter what people say about your this is your journey… & it’s already begun.” – Kim Krans, TWU

The Fools Reflections

The beginner aspect of the fool is held in the minor arcana’s four Aces: the Ace of Cups (new love), the Ace of Pentacles (new money), The Ace of Wands (new initiatives), and ace of swords (new success). He is also reflected in the three of wands for new travel, and the eight of wands for movement, messages and activity

The Fool’s Spread

The Fool Tarot Spread. Magickal Folk.png

Questions: What do I need to do to follow my path in life? Is the risk worth taking?

Card 1: You and your situation

Card 2: The Risks

Card 3: The Potential Rewards

Card 4: What you can gain

Card 5: Advice and likely outcome


[Spread Credit Liz Dean in The Ultimate Guide to Tarot]

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