Good Vibes Only

I found this great little shop ran by Caitlyn. She was actually a subscriber to my boxes so when I found out she had an Etsy shop full of Polymer Crystal creations I was excited to check it out. Caitlyn has the sweetest bubbly positive energy you could find and buying one of her creations would forever remind me to keep it sweet & positive.

Ive actually been in the market for something to charge, purify and clear the energy in my car. We live in a rural country town and the commute is about 30 minutes one way. Dont get me wrong, its a great commute. I get to spend precious time with my teenage son talking about life in ways I know he wouldn’t normally open up to if we were not locked in a car doing 70 on the freeway! Truth be told, we also argue sometimes…our convos are not always pleasant so I really wanted a Selenite piece to keep hanging and dispel any negativity that may be lurking. I know there are other great crystals for this but Im partial to Selenite and its got a point! pun intended.

Selenite is a stone of truth and honesty, dispels negativity and helps with mental flexibility. All things I need when communicating with an intelligent teenager! To my luck, I sound a little wire wrapped Selenite wand on a hemp cord. Its simple and perfect to dangle from my rear view mirror! Not only does the little wand pack a punch it also came from a great source which is so important!!

I am not sure if she still has these necklaces but shes creates amazing little figurines and crystal creations for meditation and energy practice. You can can check out her shop in Etsy. 

Seriously though, Check out her shop thank you note! Can she be any sweeter?!!

“I truly want to say thank you from the depths of my soul for the love and support with your purchase! All orders support my family and allow us to wholeheartedly bring you the wonders of natural Earth to your doorstep! Your items will be carefully wrapped with love and I provide Pure White Sage to cleanse your new babies after having to go through the icky shipping process! I am already so excited for you to receive your package! Sending sweet love and light!”

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