The Magician

The Magician, who began as the fool, is now ready to manifest their desires by aligning spirit and matter. The Magician stands for creativity and decisions. This card tells us that life can be beautiful when we commit to our passions.

The Magician Correspondences in Rider Waite

  • Number in sequence: 1
  • Astrologocial Sign or Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air, Ether the quintessence
  • The Tree of Life Pathway: Second, between Kether & Binah
  • Key Meanings: Action, Creativity, Success, Self-Empowerment, Action
  • Message: Manifest your desires
  • Symbols: infinity symbol, magic wand, four suit symbols, read cloak, headband, the magician and his pose, serpent girdle, roses & lillies, Yellow

The Wild Unknown

“The Magician is a card of boundless expansive energy. Whereareas many of the major arcana deal with stillness or aspects of the mind…this card is al about action, action, action. It is time to see yourself as the wildcat – embrace his speed, grace and abilities. Do not be afraid to begin. You have the power of all four elements within your reach. Now is the time to use them” – Kim Krans, TWU

The Magician’s Reflections

Because the Magician can be seen with all four suits, he can be considered ruler of the entire minor arcana. The Magician asks you to pay attention to the suits or elements in your reading and what they represent.

The Magician’s Spread

The Magicians Spread.png

What can I manifest? What do I need to do to make my idea work?

Card 1: Your Situation

Card 2: Emotional Strengths

Card 3: Practical Skills

Card 4: The Outcome


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