The Empress

The Empress is the mother archetype, symbol of creativity and abundance. She is the great earth mother goddess, nature herself. While living in the material world she stays connected to her roots and goes with the flow of life. She manifests her femininity. She is the solar, earthly and fertile aspect of womanhood. Her number, III, stands for the triad of mother, father and child. The four queens are her aspects.

The Empress Correspondences in Rider Waite

  • Number in sequence: III
  • Astrologocial Sign or Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • The Tree of Life Pathway: Fourth, between Binah & Chockmah
  • Key Meanings: Abundance, Generosity, Creativity
  • Message: Life is sbundant
  • Symbols: The starry crown, the laural wreath, pomegranetes, pearl necklace, the shield with the sign of venus, the scepter, corn, yellow

The Empress Reflections

The Queen of Cups for love & nurturing, the Queen of Pentacles for generosity and security, the Queen of Swords for intellect, Queen of Wands for creativity and communication, Nine of Pentacles for money luxury and self authority.

The Wild Unknown

Is a wildly popular Tarot creation of Kim Krans (creator-illustrator-publisher). You can read more about The Wild Unknown here. If you have yet to purchase a deck or guidebook, you can do on her website I also have blessed decks and guidebooks available in my non-subscription shop here. (Decks come with Herbs and candle)

The Empress Spread

20160622_173511-1_resized (002).png

How can I develop my ideas and be more creative? Or. How do I have more abundance in my life?

Card 1: You. Your present situation

Card 2: The source of abundance – where to focus your expectation and attention

Card 3: The outcome

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