The Emperor

The Emperor is the father archetype, a symbol of male power and virility. His number is IV for the four compass points and order. The Emperor is the true pioneer, his will drives him forward.

The Emperor Correspondences in Rider Waite

  • Number in sequence: IV
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Aries, the ram
  • Element: Fire
  • The Tree of Life Pathway: Fifth, between Tiphareth & Chockman
  • Key Meanings: Control, Security, Order, Ambition, Protection, Stability, Father
  • Message: Take control, you are protected
  • Symbols: Rams Head, Golden Apple, Armour, Red Cloak, The Crown

The Empress Reflections

The Four of Pentacles for financial stability. The King of Cups for love and intuition. The King of Pentacles for generosity and security. The King of Swords for intellect. The King of Wands for creativity and communication.

The Wild Unknown

Is a wildly popular Tarot creation of Kim Krans (creator-illustrator-publisher). You can read more about The Wild Unknown here. If you have yet to purchase a deck or guidebook, you can do on her I also have blessed decks and guidebooks available ($ cheaper)in my non-subscription shop here. (Decks come with Herbs and candle)

The Emperor’s Spread

20160624_134318_resized (002)

How can I feel more secure?

Card 1: You, Your situation

Card 2: Past Issues

Card 3: Hopes or Fears

Card 4: Outcome





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