Moon Ritual Planner

To get started with this ritual planning there are a few self-explanatory questions you will need to answer. You need to have reliable sources for certain information you use one a regular basis. This may be a certain combination of books or websites such as but it will depend entirely on you and your preferences.

There are two ways to go about planning a moon ritual. You can plan by the phase or plan by the intent. To plan by the intent, you will need to reverse look up the phase that compliments the magickal specialty of your intent. If planning by the phase and moving with the wheel you can simply meditate upon your current energies and decide which magickal act must be carried out to complete your ritual. The Moon spends a day or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting through can be used to good advantage during spellwork.

Below are a list of questions to be answered while planning your moon ritual. I have also provided a printable worksheet for your use.

  1. When is the Moon Ritual?
  2. What phase am I planning for?
  3. When am I free to do the ritual?
  4. Where will I be doing this ritual?
  5. What are the astrological or other considerations?
  6. What do I want to focus on? Is there any work I want to do that is best done at this point?
  7. What am I going to do in this ritual? Ritual can include a huge range of things like meditation, spell weaving, creating a magical item (talisman,
    statue, figure, bottle, oil, ect.) for later use, divination, and many other things. You want to pick specific actions that suit the timing and the focus of the
  8. What materials do I need to do that?
  9. Do I need to prepare anything in advance?
  10. How will I know if it is successful? Does it matter?

Moon Ritual Planner (free printable download)

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