The Hierophant

This card, designed quite like my Ravens Key is TWU depiction of the Hierophant. The hierophant is a symbol of education and also known as the Priest or the Pope.

The Hierophant Correspondences in Rider Waite

  • Number in sequence: V
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Taurus, bull
  • Element: Earth
  • The Tree of Life Pathway: Sixth, Chesed and Chockman
  • Key Meanings: Education, unity, spiritual, direction
  • Message: Make the most of your gifts
  • Symbols: The papal crown, the papal staff, the crossed keys, hand gesture of blessing, red cloak, roses and lilies

The Hierophant Reflections

The nine of wands, for defending your faith at any cost; protecting what is known. The six of cups for familiarity, harmony and the past. The two of cups for love partnerships

The Wild Unknown

Is a wildly popular Tarot creation of Kim Krans (creator-illustrator-publisher). You can read more about The Wild Unknown here. If you have yet to purchase a deck or guidebook, you can do on her website I also have blessed decks and guidebooks available ($ cheaper)in my non-subscription shop here. (Decks come with Herbs and candle)

The Hierophant’s Spread


Will I find a mentor at this time? Will I have a soul connection with this person?

Card 1: You, Your situation

Card 2: The mentor you need or the person in question

Card 3: Outcome

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