Working with the Goddesses

I present this ritual to you as an introduction to Goddess work through Magickal Folk and also to keep my promise of opening myself, my light and my shadows to you. In this case we will work with Goddess Arianrhod during the dark moon phase of July for a rebirth and reincarnation of spirit.

It is important in studying these ancient myths you take in account that before these myths had ever been translated to written form, they had been told and re-told for centuries in the ancient oral tradition. Every time that a tale was retold it is possible for something unique to be added. So keep in mind, the truth may just be hidden between the lines.

In any goddess work, it is equally important for you to do your research in where you source your information. Take particular note in the authors you choose as well as their writing style. Goddess myths, symbolism’s, archetypal energies, sacred animals and spirits, strengths, weaknesses, main areas of influence and specialties all play a key role in self-knowledge and empowerment. They are the basis in which we identify, connect, and learn making accuracy and unbiased truth of utmost importance.

Not only was Arianrhod the Goddess of the Moon, the Sky and the Stars, she was also the Goddess who guided the dead along the pathway which brought them to their next stop on the wheel of reincarnation. Arianrhod was a very strong and independent Goddess. A representative of many admirable and intelligent women and Goddesses. She is among the prime examples of Divine Feminine and are so secure within themselves that they feel no need to have a man in their lives solely for the purpose of making them feel whole. Indeed, they are confident and purposeful women, that lesser men have been known to fear.

Arianrhod had power over beauty, fertility, karma and reincarnation. She was a free spirited goddess who did not take orders. She was vindictive and her greatest weakness was failing to let go of the past. It is said she hold the ability to shape shift into the wise owl allowing her to see deep in the depths of your soul. She is also considered a weaver of fate and associated with the spider.

In your research of Arianrhod you will undoubtedly read about her uncle, Math ap Mathonwy and how she failed his magic the test of virginity by delivering twin boys after jumping over his magick wand. This story binds her with the shadowy mother archetype as she rejects and curses her boys. I find this story unjustly binds her to the shadowy aspect of the mother archetype and fails to celebrate her heroism, strength and own ability to reincarnate herself.

Her story, like all their stories, are not surface deep. Do not think or study in analytical terms. By thinking in a lateral and critical way, you will open doors to enlightenment through lessons from the Goddesses in ways you were unable to do before. So, read from many sources and piece the information together yourself. Allow the goddesses their truth and you will discover yours as well.

I found a few examples of text that I would like you to read that demonstrates my point. The first two articles are analytical where the author of the 3rd is both lateral and critical.


[lateral & critical]

A Dark Moon Ritual with Goddess Arianrhod

For this dark moon ritual, we will honor Arianrhod and ask that she lends you her strength in overcoming something that is holding you back. Then you will continue to honor her by taking that gift and putting it to use. This is a very powerful ritual that should not be performed if you are not ready. It is not a ritual you should do on a monthly basis or even ever again. Save it if you are not ready. Study her and study yourself. You will know when the time is right and you need Arianrhod.

I have provided a list of ritual ingredients if you wish to create your own ritual or you may prefer to simply use this as a meditation. The choice is yours! Before performing this ritual, have a cleansing bath and purify yourself with essential oils.

Set up an Altar for Arianrhod, you will need 1 silver candle, 2 white candles, a wand, a pentacle, a metal bowl or smudge pot, paper, banishing incense, Athame, a pencil or quill and ink and a lighter plus anything you may want to add such as a silver wheel, moonstones, owls, ivy or spiders, ect.

At this time you want to cast a circle, or not…and invoke Arianrhod. What you choose to say when you do so is entirely up to you and should be personal and meaningful. Once you have invoked Arianrhod, write your dreams or desires on strips of papers, one desire to a small strip. Lay the strips of papers of the pentacle and place the wand on top of them.

Take your Athame in your hand and go to the east and say: “Awake, Gods of Air, blow out the old, bring in the new on your winds of change” Go to the south and say “Awake, Gods of fire, burn away all that hold me back, shine your light upon my new goals” Go to the west and say “Awake, gods of water, cleanse my life of harmful habits, drop your rains of growth upon me” Go to the North and say “Awake, gods of earth, let your renewing magick bury old ways, open new paths for me”

Take the wand and hold it to the first strip paper. Visualize a brilliantly white light connecting from your wand to your strip of paper. Hold it there for a second to let your energy infuse with the paper and the paper with you. If you having trouble with the visualization, then perhaps its best to save this desire for another time. If the light remains brilliantly white and you can maintain the energy, burn the paper in the silver candle and drop it in the metal bowl. For each burned paper say “To the winds of heaven and to the gods, I give these desires to manifestation” Once you have burned through all your papers, let the ashes cool and place in either a running stream of water or outdoors for the winds to take away.

At this time you would thank her, release the directions and close your circle.

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