The Lovers


The Lovers Correspondences in Rider Waite

  • Number in sequence: VI
  • Astrological Sign or Planet: Gemini the Twins
  • Element: Air
  • The Tree of Life Pathway: Seventh, between Tipareth and Binah
  • Key Meanings: Love and Relationships, Maturity, decisions, Union, Desire, Joy
  • Message: Follow the wisdom of your heart
  • Symbols: Archangel Raphael, the tree of life, The tree of knowledge of good and evil, the snake.

The Lovers Reflections

The ace of cups for love. The two of cups for a new partnership

The Wild Unknown

Is a wildly popular Tarot creation of Kim Krans (creator-illustrator-publisher). You can read more about The Wild Unknown here. If you have yet to purchase a deck or guidebook, you can do on her website I also have blessed decks and guidebooks available ($ cheaper)in my non-subscription shop here. (Decks come with Herbs and candle)

The Lovers Spread

What are my choices, and how do I choose?

Card 1: The Question

Card 2: Background to the present situation

Card 3 & 4: The Choices

Card 5: The best action to take

Card 6: The Outcome


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