July 2016 Pack List

Hello Magickal Folk! At Last, The box has arrived! What an amazing journey it has been for me to build this set of boxs. Thank you for voting in these themes and moving through the wheel and sharing so much of yourselves with us all. I am so honored! Enough about me, look inside!! I will be waiting in the private group and have already shared lots of info in the grimoire! Xoxo!


Beginner Box – Elemental

This is going to be a great box for everyone! As you know I took a trip to get your water and cedar. While there, I had a little session with the trees. It was profound. I am adding this to your summer to-do list, even if it’s a tree in your yard!

Lava Stone, Red Candle, Peacock Feather, Opalite, small cedar stick for wand or besom making or even as incense, petrified wood piece, hemp cord, Apatite Stone, .5 oz Harmony Water, Lemon Balm Herb for Tea or Bath, Quartz Point

Beginner Box (your first box)

This box changed just a hare from the last box, some of the stones are different and you are now getting a complete smudge kit upgrade with shell & stand vs the metal black pot.The shell double as a vessel in elemental magick too! The stones included were hematite, rose quartz, tigers eye, carnelian, green aventurine, black obsidian, blue kyanite & clear quartz. The Beginners Box has a full page dedicated HERE

Moon Goddess

A dark moon ritual awaits! Hold your Mala and Pendulum, feel the earthy lightness. Warm it with your hands and make a wish for yourself. I have a simply yet powerful dark moon moment for you to explore. I will share the details in the private group (in case you have questions)

1 each, silver and black candle, Night Star Dark Moon Oil, Wooden Mala for Dark Moon Intention Setting, Wood Pendulum w/ Dark Moon Releasing Herbs , Unakite Stone

Witchy Woman

Heck Yes! My Favorite stuff right here. I hope you love my handmade herbal paper and ingredients for you. I shared a post in the grimoire that talks all about magickal writing and spell weaving. Also, later, well do a little book binding spell after you make your very own spell book from scratch!

.5 oz amber glass vial of Dragons Blood Ink, .5 oz amber glass vial of Doves Blood Ink, 1 Stick Wicked, Sealing Wax, Magick Seal Metal Stamp, Purple Candle & Arabic Gum for Lamp Black Ink , Multiple Feathers, Handmade Witches Power Herbal Spell Paper, Witches Power Herbal Blend, Parchment Paper.

Meditation Crystals

Peacock Ore

Your going to love this! I also gave you all a Lepidolite just because I love you! I posted a meditation and ect. in the grimoire

Healing Crystals & Oils

Lepidolite Stones, Transcend Spirit Oil. These stones can crumble if given a salt water bath. Store with caution


With Love,


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