Magickal Writing

If a handcrafted written prose is a tangible token of thought and intent then declaring and applying it to magickal paper with magickal inks can only make your spell that much more power-ful.

Evoke yourself

Just as you would invite a diety, bring your A-Game. Evoke your inner self, come alive and speak up. Declare what it is you want and desire. Empower yourself to push your own limits.

Clear your Aura, Ground and Center

Take this part very seriously. Before you begin to weave your fate into a spell you want to be in the right state of mind and have your energies balanced. There are a number of things you can do to prepare mentally and physically.

  • Take a magickal bath
  • Smudge yourself
  • Meditate with Healing Crystals
  • Balance and align your Chakras
  • See an acupuncturist
  • Reiki
  • Evoke, not invoke dieties


Set up a scared space to write. Do whatever feels right to you. light candles, incense, sip tea, ect. Gt in your OM spot.

Once your mind is cleared and you have released all limitations you may begin to concentrate on your desires. Do your homework! Bust out your thesaurus, dictionary, scratch paper and pencil and get to scribbling! Ignorance can be just as destructive as dark magick so be wise in your wording and intentions. Be exact, concise and critical. Transform any negative statement into a positive one and try to shrink it down as much as possible. Use symbolism, sigils or other characters just as freely as you would words. The choice is yours.

Decide on the best timing for your spell. Prepare a list of items you may need such as candles, special inks or special paper.

Special Inks

Dragons blood ink – Good for protection, purification and energy. It also increases the potency of spells and is good for banishment spells and against negativity.

Doves blood ink – This is especially potent in love spells, adding power to romance and passion, friendship and peace. It is also excellent in connecting with any spirit or guide.

Butterflys blood Ink – This is historically used for writing holy scriptures and for making charms in the Near East. It is made from real saffron, gum arabic, organic ethanol, and filtered water.

Black Nightshade Ink – Made from black nightshade berries in the traditional manner, this ink is good for any Saturnian work, such as communicating with the dead, cursing, and binding.

Bat’s Blood Ink – This ink has a long tradition of being used for creating havoc, hexing, binding, cursing, and so forth. It is made from refined dragonsblood resin, myrrh, cinnamon bark, gum arabic, alcohol, & filtered water.

Lampblack ink – Can be used for any magickal intent you wish. I included a purple candle and arabic gum in your box for you to test out your own ink


some gum arabic
Lampblack (see below)
Hot Herbal Tea or Plain water with a few drops of essential oils based on intent

Lampblack is soot. You get it by placing a spoon or plate over a candle for a long period of time to get that thick, black layer of char.

After getting about a teaspoon of soot, add equal amounts of gum arabic and grind them together until it’s a fine, dark grey powder. Add some water and stir until the gooeyness is gone and the soot and gum arabic is mixed well. Contain in a small bottle. If you feel like adding a little more water, then do so, but note that the more water you add the weaker the solution. If that be the case when the water is a dark grey and not black, then add some more soot and gum arabic mixture and continue to stir out the gooeyness. When done the liquid should be very black and have a similar consistency of a regular bottle of ink.

Spell Papers

Any paper will do but none compare to a handmade herbal paper. You can infuse the magickal energies of herbs and flowers into your spell making it that more power-ful. You can also incorporate seeds into this paper so it grows from the soil.

Writing Instruments

Feather Quill – Use a feather quill when working with the element of air, feather magick or for specific colors

Porcupine Quill – Use for writing spell of protection, warding or uncrossing.

Metal Nib – Use for all types of spell weaving

Standard pen or pencil – Use for all types of spell weaving


When your intentions are true, your energies are clear, tools gathered and sacred space set, you are ready to begin.

Begin writing on the paper you have chosen. The weaving begins as you write your spell on the paper. Once complete, the spell is then activated three different ways:

By Fire – Setting fire to the paper unlocks the magick by releasing the spell stored on the paper. You may choose to corporate all the elements into your spell depending on your needs by add water to the ashes and pouring them onto the earth.

By Earth – Bury your spell under a plant or tree allowing it to infuse with nature. This is commonly used in flower magick and earth healing prayers.

Sealed – Fold or roll your paper can seal it shut with wax. Once sealed, keep it protected and hidden from plain view in a jar, wrapped in cloth or in a box.






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