Peacock Ore, The Chakra Stone


Meditation Crystal Box for July 2016 had to be a bundle of raw peacock ore pieces! Enough to include in your own crystal grid or place in a sachet and carry with you!

Now take your stones and set your intention to summon your inner priestess. Affirm “I am rediscovering myself”. Dip into your own soul. Find your own truth. Ask yourself, what calls to your heart? What moves your spirit? Make your life dance to the song of your own essence.

With Love, and Gratitude, Candice

Peacock Ore

Known as the Chakra Stone, it will cleanse, balance and align all your Chakra energy centers individually. Once all are aligned, cleansed and balanced individually, this incredible multicolored stone will simultaneously align your entire physical body with that of your Spiritual and Ethereal energy bodies.

As you work with Chalcopyrite, it will assist you in shifting your inner Self, aligning your thoughts and emotions in a very soothing, calming way. In addition, Peacock Ore resonates more finely with the Third Eye, allowing the user to re-discover long forgotten knowledge. It is the key to reconnecting yourself with ancient esoteric knowledge. Hold it above or in front of your Third Eye during meditation. It will in time, depending on how open you are, assist you in awakening your inner sight.

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