Elemental Box July 2016

5 elemental Stones, Lave Stone for Fire, Petrified Wood for Earth, Clear Quartz for Spirit, Opalite for Air, Apatite for water.

Your harmony water includes water from creek water in the Sierra Nevadas, fresh cedar, and ginormous mountain dandelion. In water magick, creek and stream water is used for purification, harmony and peace spells. I infused elements gathers alongside the creek. Use this water in plant magick, as an offering or anointing water in meditation.

Feathers are magically ruled by the element of air. The “eye” on the end of the peacock tail feather protect against the “evil eye” and stimulates inner clairvoyant vision.

You can use your cedar stick to create a small besom, rune protection wand or create a talisman. Cedar wands cleanse negative atmospheres. DragonOak recommends using cedar as a symbol, charm, and talisman to represents propriety, long life, and growth.

Brew a pot of lemon balm tea and sip to infuse the element of water and moon into your ritual and or to soothe emotional stress.

Hemp Cord with charms. The cord is a sort of physical representation of a prayer or wish in which the help of Nature Spirits and Deities is asked for. You can tie on additional charms or none at all depending on your preferences.

1 rose quartz stone to give to the trees

“All things in the material world are made up the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and contain the nature spirits of these elements within them. These are the nature spirits that interact with the material world, but have their existence in the non-material beyond this plain of existence. When these spirit consciousnesses descend into the material world they manifest in the manner of physical existence within the boundaries of the realm into which they settle. It becomes and elemental spirit according to the element it forms in: In earth it becomes a gnome; in water it becomes an undine, in fire it becomes a salamander; in air it becomes a sylph. Each of these elementals has a distinctive and important part to play in the creation and maintenance of life within the natural world.” –Spirit Walk Ministries



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