August Meditations with Crystals

I group these two stones for two reasons. First, they are going to to be amazing energetic asset to the waxing phase meditations that we are journeying into and Second, as a married couple they assist in attaining that crystal clear, unwavering thought and emotional manifestation energy we need to stay focused!. These two can be considered you little helpers in making choices for your better good and higher self.

(Before we get started, Please say you too a minute to follow the intuition exercise that came with your stone!)

It is written…

Blue Chalcedony

Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family with a cryptocrystalline structure, perfect for magnifying its crystal energy to soothe and restore balance, from the conscious mind to the inner child, all the way down to the animal self. Chalcedony is known as the Speaker’s Stone, the stone of one who must measure his words. It encourages reflection and meditation, its gentle radiance preparing us for action but helping to hold back words we might regret. Considered a nurturing stone, Chalcedony absorbs negative energy and dissipates it before it can be passed on. It promotes brotherhood and good will, opening the mind to new ideas, instilling feelings of benevolence and generosity. Chalcedony was considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, using it to promote stability during their ceremonial activities. It is still in use today for meditations, and as a pathway for receiving successful thought transmissions. As a stone of peace and peace-making, Blue Chalcedony encourages stillness and calm in the home for those at odds with one another, vying for their place in the pecking order. It is also beneficial for daily journeys to work, or stressful trips involving children.

Chalcedony eases self-doubt and brings a helpful peace to inner reflection. It can remove hostility and encourage a light-hearted optimism. Blue Chalcedony calms and centers the emotional energy field. It is an excellent crystal for those who tend to worry, by encouraging life in the present instead of projecting into an imaginary future. It also assists in calming those with bouts of irrational anger, fear, panic or anxiety, and helps those who speak too quickly before considering the impact their words have on others.


Axinite are strong grounding stones, that bring energy up from Gaia, via the earth chakra into the body. This energy increases your strength and endurance. They have a lovely restorative energy, and are known to be strong aids to enable you to make changes in your life. They help you to go with the flow of life, and to change what needs to be changed without opposing what is happening in your life. They are helpful to heal your body, both physically and spiritually, and their healing properties are useful to help problems of the feet in particular. Their metaphysical properties increase your appreciation of the spiritual realms, and they aid you to remember your experiences there on your return. They are excellent stones for meditation as they help you to release thoughts that are hampering your progress. The vibration of Axinite is particularly helpful to aid you to remember what happened when you were in meditation. This is because it aids you to remain clear headed, due to its very strong spiritual grounding energy. This is a strong stone to use in your daily crystal meditation. When you use high vibration stones to do a meditation with crystals, combine Axinite with them to aid you to remain grounded. It has a such strong spiritual grounding action, that it is very helpful to avoid any spaciness that many of you may find is created when you use high vibration stones. This aids you to remember the messages that come through from the higher realms. Once you have achieved the deep meditation required you may find that you may access the collective memory of man or Akashic records and discover why you are here.
These records may also hold past life memories and help to provide the answers you need to live a more peaceful and productive life, in line with spiritual guidance.

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[August Meditation Crystal Box]

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