Hello Universe, August Crystal & Oil Box

You ARE Magickal.

Labradorite Stone, In the Rough and Shiny

(Before we get started, Please say you too a minute to follow the intuition exercise that came with your stone!)

If you have not figured it out already, you received an unpolished rough chunk of Labradorite! I do hope you spent time connecting with your stone intuitively! If you did, you probably felt, in its very essence, this stone is pure magick. You do not need a book or healer to tell you so. The very moment you think this stone is just a rock, something magickal happens and you see its truth, its magick! The raw, true beauty that is the magick within. Labradorite is a stone of magick and wisdom, a stone of inspiration and self discovery. Not only can you see it for yourself, you can feel it!

That is because the stone is you, and me. We are all the rough and polished Labradorite with our own innate magickal powers lying just below our surface. We too represent eternity, self-discovery, magick, wisdom, and strength with our extraordinary, shimmering mystical light. We awaken to our own awareness, inner spirit and intuition just as the labradorite. We inspire just as the Labradorite inspires.

From rough and broken to soft and polished we remain the same, powerful, magickal and beautiful. That the truth lies within.

to read What is written about your stone I suggest reading crystal books by Judy Hall or visiting Crystal Vaults Encyclopedia!

Know this!

What you are looking for is what you are looking with. Your power.

Everything we put our attention on becomes more, bigger, and brighter. That is Inertia.

What you say is what you get.

The reality that you create is up to you.

You can tell your thoughts that you are in charge.

You are more powerful than you know.

You can have your angels talk to their angels.

That which you are reaching toward is also reaching toward you.

You can have anything and everything you could possibly dream of – even a whole new world to live in.

The universe is user friendly.

Everything in your world-the world at large, as well as your individual world, including everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel-is the result of a thought manifestation.

That which is meant to be yours will come to you.

Know This!

Hello Universe Magickal Spirit Oil

Take your oil and rough labradorite stone outdoors under the full sunlight. Carefully pop off the roll on applicator from your oil and begin dabbing small amount onto you rock, anointing, blessing and imprinting your rock. Rub the oil in thoroughly making sure to cover all parts of the rock. Observe everything around you as you connect with the labradorite, your self and the universe. How does it feel? What does your intuition tell you? Take this time to meditate and connect.

I blended this oil to use with the labradorite. Use anytime you feel you are closed, sluggish or imbalanced. Use in meditation and spiritual travel to open, balance, align and anchor all chakras helping us to see the unfolding of the natural magic of life. Anoint chakras and pulse points before meditation. Contains Essential oils of Amyris, Elemi, Mandarin Orange, Sweet Orange, Fresh Ginger, and Grapefruit. All essential oils are therapeutic grade and came from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Amyris is both calming and nourishing to the heart chakra and anchors one’s energy in a state of receptivity and openness, thus enhancing the flow of grace by opening the pathways for love, inspiration, and transformation. Helping us to balance in our natural rhythms and cycles, Amyris aligns us with the feminine energy of the moon. Heightening intuition, creativity, and imagination. By helping us to see the unfolding of the natural magic of life, Amyris’ trans-formative energy saturates the auric field with creativity, health and abundance. Amyris restores a natural, innocent outlook on life, bringing joy and laughter to our hearts and assisting us in making choices that uplift and nourish, thus encouraging love for ourselves and the world as a whole.

Elemi is an Arabic word which may be translated to “As above, so below”. As the name implies, it brings balance to both the spiritual and emotional planes. It aligns and balances every chakra by relieving stress from the body. Because of this, Elemi is a powerful aid in meditation, transcendence, and travel to the spirit realm.

Mandarin gently awakens the spirit. It brings vigor and sprightliness. It helps us to connect to like-minded souls. Mandarin brings out the innocence of our inner child so we can see the universe anew. It brings energies that are young and fresh; sympathetic even. It is subtly inspiring and strengthening.

Fresh Ginger brings the energies of courage and valor. It provides one the courage to break out of apprehension and allows spirituality to soar free and high. Ginger’s fragrant breath brings liberation and optimism, allowing one to think the crucial thought that causes one to change the direction of our lives and walk a brighter road. It brings stimulation and protection. Its courage and fearlessness can be used when we need to stimulate ourselves into action but lack the courage to do it, so brings into our aura a strengthening energy that is transmitted by our guardians.

Grapefruit awakens the body, mind, and soul. It alerts our spirits to guidance, uplifts our soul, and reconnects us to harmony. Helping us to rejoice for the Upliftment of the Angelic Realms, in joyful appreciation. It clears the pathways to direct connection with a messenger, energizing the subconscious connections. It is a booster oil full of positivity and confidence, like a ray of sunshine! As a ‘newcomer’, Grapefruit oil does not have a long established history in magical aromatherapy, which does not mean to say that it is not potent. On the contrary, Grapefruit can be used like other citrus fruit, but will provide even more ‘punch’.

Sweet Orange is used to refresh the mind and uplift the spirit, energize, rejuvenation, letting go of heavy thought forms, opening the heart and mind for love joy and happiness. It regenerates the spirit and brings vitality to the soul.

You can subscribe to monthly boxes at www.magickalfolkshop.com

If you want this box in particular and missed the ordering deadline you can always email me and I check to see if I have the goods to make one! magickalmail@magickalfolk.com

[Crystal & Oil Box, August 2016]



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