Awake & Aware


Yes, this is a learned thing. Everyone has a psychic sense-it’s a natural human instinct. Just like witchery and unlike the Hollywood version, you develop this sense. It takes practice and a journey of experiences to fine tune these gifts but it can be done! The very early and un-developed stages of your psychic senses is the “huntch”. The one you felt time & time gain telling you something you most likely ignored. Yes, that’s your raw, unrefined sense.
Karen Fox, PH. D, suggests the Psychic learning curve is as follows:

Nagging sense –> Hunch –> Gut Instinct –> Intuition –> Healthy/Strong Psychic

We are going to assume everyone is at the nagging sense stage and walk through it all so were ready for Samhain!

Im going to opening this topic with a  Psychic awareness exercise called Third Eye/Psychic eye breathing. Get familiar with this, you will use this for years to come!
(This is also a great meditation, time-out breathing anytime exercise)

Do this on and off throughout your day, except when driving or other times you need to pay attention. If it seems silly at first, just pretend.

Take a deep breath, let it out with a sigh. Open your jaw a bit at the hinge; feel your shoulders relax; sense your body releasing into your chair or where you are standing

  • Get comfortable and relax. Pretend you are breathing in and out of your third eye located at the center of your forehead. See and feel the breath going in and out of the middle of your forehead. You might sense a pressure, tingling or slight headache, after some practice, discomfort will not occur. 
  • Put your attention at the center of your forehead. Breathe with your penal gland. When you can clearly feel the center of your forehead breathing, move your awareness into your brain and breathe with your penal gland. It is in the center of your brain and is the size of a grain of rice. Your awareness will find it, and you will get a sense of its physical and energetic characteristics. Continue breathing, feeling your third eye open and expand. 
  • Say to yourself “I am a psychic”. This affirmation statement works with the unconscious mind to open your innate psychic sense. Say this while breathing with your third eye. 
  • Ground yourself after this exercise by visualizing the door to your third eye closing, and then breathe with your feet and the Earth. [Karen Fox]

It’s a good idea to start a journal to record your experiences with psychic development.


Its pretty safe to assume we all, even with the best intents, are not very mindful. Does the word autopilot ring any bells?!! We want to be mindful right? It sounds divine, so how to go about it as a lifestyle? The neat part about this exercise is you begin to incorporate and transform your thought pattern to recognize your experiences in the moment. Once you begin to do that, the old thought patterns seem to sort of fade away, like the Iphone3 or landlines or satellite internet. Obsolete!

Take a few minutes to become aware of your experience, right here, right now.
Feel the weight and texture of the object in your hand.
Feel the sense of your own body-your feet in contact with the floor, your but in the chair; if you are sitting feel your torso rising up, your head and shoulders, your arms and hands. Can you feel the movement of your breath somewhere in your body?
Notice your environment-the space around you, any objects and people, any sounds and colors.
Notice how you are feeling-are there any thoughts and emotions you are aware of? Are there any body sensations? You don’t need to change anything, just notice. Spend a few moments opening your awareness to whatever is here in your body, mind and environment. [Tessa Watt]

Do this often, whenever you find yourself on autopilot!

Mindful Journaling Exercise

Think of the moments you liked today. Keep a note of each experience in as much detail as you can.
Write the experience “I arrived home and saw the sun setting at the end of my road” then write about HOW you experienced it. Write about your thought, your emotions and body sensations [Tessa Watt]


Fresh lilacs and essential oils can be employed to clear your chakras, enhance your magickal abilities, strengthen peace spells, enhance and bring to light your psychic abilities, as well as summoning sweet spirits and providing a doorway of light exorcism!

How to use these emails
These emails are personally curated by me on a daily basis based on a specific set of themes chosen by subscribers of Magickal Folk boxes + the energies associated with astrological events and the wheel of the year. You can also find these emails in the grimoire at

I will be referencing a series of notable authors + my personal experience. And the passages that reference a specific author or book will be bracketed.  For example, Iris Belhayes wrote a book titled Spirit Guides. I will reference this book with a [Iris Belhayes]

Another day another dollar folks! I hope you enjoyed these moments but now it is time to get out there & live it! Remember, Im posting these to the grimoire just in case you need to refer back to any AND each email has been specifically curated to flow with all the themes this month but most importantly the flow of our energies as a group and this journey so please feel free to contribute by sharing your experiences! There is no wrong way!

Perspective will come in retrospect
Flow with it

With Love, Candice

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