Psychic Empowerment

Good Morning Magickal Folk;)
Many of you are receiving the first set of boxes for August! If you are new to Magickal Folk and you ordered the Magickal Moon Goddess combo box or other variations of boxes you will find you received the crystal & Oil box and Meditation Crystal Box this week and the rest of your orders will ship out on Friday! The grimoire has all the info you need on correspondences and use for both your boxes. You can find that here! Please reply to this email if you have any questions regarding your box!

Some of you might be wondering why I am talking about psychic development when the box theme for Witchy Woman is Meditation and Spirit Guides. Well, they go hand in hand. When we start getting into topics such as deep meditative states, contacting spirit guides, astral travel, crystal gazing, dousing, trance, dream interpretation and things of such nature they all require the same foundation techniques. These are known as Consciousness Expanding Techniques and Psychic Empowerment Techniques. These emails are curated to empower you to define your state of Psychic Awareness. Ive got your back though, this series of exercises, passages, thoughts and meditations on psychic development will continue through to Samhain.

Psychic self-empowerment is only possible when we discover our inner psychic potentials and responsibly liberate them to work for ourselves and others. Through commitment to develop our psychic side, we liberate ourselves to achieve the highest levels of self-enlightenment and fulfillment. You must be willing to invest in yourself and in the pursuit of new knowledge. This is something I can curate for you and bring to you but the work must be done by you. In other words, I can give you the key but you must unlock the door. This is what all of Magickal Folk is about; discovering the keys to unlock our higher levels of enlightenment. We get to do this together, as a group and solitary as an individual. There is not a right or wrong, only support and carrying onward.

So dive in with these psychic exercises, even if you think its not your cup of tea. I assure you heightening your senses can only help you! Here is a great affirmation to kick today off!
I am a person of incomparable worth. 
Success is my destiny. 
I am empowered. 


Finger Interlocking Technique

Developed by Joe H. Slate at Athens State University, it is a three-step strategy designed to induce physical relaxation and inner balance.

Step 1. Take in a few deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Focus only on your breathing as your mind becomes increasingly passive.

Step 2. Join the thumb and middle finger of each hand to form two circles.

Step 3. Bring the hands together to form interlocking circles.

Step 4. Relax your hands while holding the interlock gesture. Visualize the gesture while affirming, “I am now fully empowered.”


Your Buddhas

People who enlighten me are all my Buddhas. Instead of trying to find Buddhas in high and precious places, shouldn’t you be able to find your Buddhas in your town, your marketplaces, and in your streets? Everyone has valuable and enlightening qualities. If you learned and practiced those qualities, it would be like meeting the Buddha and practicing his teachings. [jae woong kim]




How to use these emails
These emails are personally curated by me on a daily basis based on a specific set of themes chosen by subscribers of Magickal Folk boxes + the energies associated with astrological events and the wheel of the year. You can also find these emails posted in the grimoire at

You can sign up to receive these emails (and support me) by subscribing to any of my boxes or simply adding your name to the mailing list at

I will be referencing a series of notable authors + my personal experience. And the passages that reference a specific author or book will be bracketed.  For example, Iris Belhayes wrote a book titled Spirit Guides. I will reference this book with a [Iris Belhayes]

Another day another dollar folks! I hope you enjoyed these moments but now it is time to get out there & live it! Remember, Im posting these to the grimoire just in case you need to refer back to any AND each email has been specifically curated to flow with all the themes this month but most importantly the flow of our energies as a group and this journey so please feel free to contribute by sharing your experiences! There is no wrong way!

Perspective will come in retrospect
Flow with it

With Love, Candice

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