A New Way to Learn

First Quarter Moon!

August is known as the Corn Moon. It is a time to settle disputes and put away old anger so we can look forward to a long peaceful winter. Wednesdays are good days to cast spells regarding careers, travel and research but any spell that is intended to increase by a measure is good to do in a waxing phase. You may even want to do a moon circle ritual to guide you before making a firm decision.

A New Way to Learn

When we were kids, we were expected to put forth effort and work hard in school. We were taught thinking and analytical skills, like comparing and contrasting information, so we could better understand something. If we couldn’t figure it out, we were told to try harder, to think and analyze, and then to work at it again. “that’s the “trying brain.” For psychic development, you will need a completely different approach. Trying and working hard, so you can “get it,” doesn’t work with the psychic sense. Yes, practice helps just like it did in school, but working at it-straining, being hard on yourself –just gets in your way. Psychic learning requires you to get yourself into a space of allowing-the opposite of trying hard. Psychic information comes to you, so you can’t go and look for it like you were taught in school. To be more psychic, you Will need to allow something to shift inside of you.

Take a risk. Take a chance.

We do not have to indulge in obviously foolhardy or self-defeating risks, but we can allow ourselves to take positive risks. We cannot afford to keep ourselves paralyzed.

We do not have to keep ourselves stymied and trapped out of fear of making a mistake or failing. Naturally, we will make mistakes and fail from time to time. That’s part of being fully alive. There are no guarantees. If we are waiting for guaranteed courses of action, we may spend much of our life waiting.

We do not have to shame ourselves or accept shame from anyone else for making mistakes. The goal is not to live life perfectly. The goal is to live, learn our lessons, and make overall progress.

Take a risk. Do not always wait for a guarantee. We don’t have to listen to “I told you so.” Dust yourself off after a mistake, and then move on to the success.

I trust my heart.
I take calculated risks on a daily basis.
My life is an experiment, so I can’t ever get it wrong.
I learn & grow from every experience.

Exercise: Increasing Clairsentience

Sensing energy in your hands

[This is a great tool for working with crystals as well as healthy energy boundaries] 

Relax jaw, take a breath, connect with your body; are you relaxed?

Everyone has healing energy in their hands to some extent. And you don’t have to take a class in massage or energy work to connect With and use this energy. This exercise will increase your psychic sense by increasing your body awareness. Rub your hands/ palms together several times. Then hold your palms facing each other about one to three inches apart. What do you feel between your hands? Lightly pump the energy in the space between the palms (without touching the palms) by slowly moving your palms towards each other and then slightly away from each other. What do you sense? Put your hands on your body. Move your hands to an area of your body that is hurting or uncomfortable. Keep your fingers and thumb together-this intensifies the energy flowing through your palms. Imagine a beautiful color flowing through your hands and into your body where it hurts. Keep your awareness deep in the area you are touching, and be open to sensing shifts in the texture, movement, and color of the energy. Disconnect when you are finished. You will usually know when giving yourself healing energy feels complete. Or you can just decide that you are finished. Disengage by shaking your hands.


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