The Medium Within

[This excerpt was written by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate, Ph. D]

Like your best personal psychic, therapist, and healer, your best personal medium exists within yourself as an essential part of your being. That medium is your personal link to the spirit realm with its abundance of empowering resources. When you connect to that medium, you will have full access to the spiritual enlightenment you need at the moment. Aside from that, you will interface the critical growth resources required for your spiritual fulfillment. While spiritual knowledge from any source is empowering, the spiritual growth available to you through the medium within is raw spiritual power that unleashes your latent growth processes and energizes you with the capacity to realize your present potentials while equipping you with totally new ones.

To interact with the medium within, one of the most effective approaches is the Medium Activation Lift that raises your awareness of that medium and connects you to its powers. With that connection, you have full access to all the spiritual resources you need at the moment, including those existing in the spirit realm. As a central part of yourself, your inner medium knows your past, present, and future. It’s more than a tool to be used-it’s your constant contact with the spirit realm. When you’re attuned to that core of your being, enlightenment, power, and success are available to you.

To begin the Medium Activation Lift, and a quiet place and take a few moments to settle back and clear your mind of active thought. With your eyes closed, visualize the bright core at the center of your being. Let the brightness of that core expand to infuse your full being-mind, body, and spirit-with bright energy. Think of that brightness as the life force that sustains your existence as a soul being. Take plenty of time for that infusion to reach its peak. Sense the balance and attunement that always accompany the infusion process.

As you remain infused with bright energy, visualize the spirit realm as a bright energy source. Let that source take shape, possibly as a series of colorful planes of energy. As the shapes form, sense your connection to them and allow yourself to interact with them. You can facilitate that process by visualizing beams of energy connecting you to the energies of the spirit realm. At this stage of the exercise, you may experience your consciousness rising to embrace the spirit realm with its intelligent guides, helpers, growth specialists, and gathering of souls, some of whom will probably seem familiar to you. Among the gathering of souls, you may recognize certain of the departed, including significant others who welcome your presence. Not infrequently, certain entities will capture your attention and communicate important messages related to your present concerns or life situation. Impressions as well as specific spoken messages regarding the future can also emerge at this stage. Take plenty of time to linger at this stage and contemplate upon the messages that come forth. When this stage of the program runs its course, shift your attention again to the inner medium situated at the innermost core of your being. Listen to the messages emerging from that knowing part of your inner self. At this stage, solutions to pressing problems, such as conflicts and difficult relationships, will often unfold.


I am going to leave todays meditation + magick as it is. This is an important exercise that will need some practicing by Samhain. I suggest printing this post and practicing whenever possible over the next couple months!

Have a beautiful day! Thank you so so much for this journey!

xoxo, Candice


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