Beginners Box, August 2016 – Witch Bottles

A modern version of Bottle Magick or Witch Bottles, whichever you prefer. I recommend reading up on the history and lore surrounding the original use of witch bottles understanding their evolution.

You can literally use any thing you can think of, in any combination for any purpose you can think of. You can follow traditional bottle spells such as honey jars or you can create your own.

A best article that ive found written about witch bottles or bottle magick is at this site

You can consider your sealed bottles to be a “battery’ of sorts. Once bottled, it is kept alive forever. Keep this in mind as you determine the contents for each bottle and the forever part as well!

You box contents supply enough supplies for you to make a few protection and empowerment spell bottles. I look forward to hearing and seeing all the lovely creations you come up with!

  • 6 Glass Vials – use any which way you choose, seal them shut with a candle or other form of wax.
  • 1 packet of Protection herbs – This herbal mix contains black salt, sea salt, vervain, mugwort, rosemary, beth root and bay leaf. You can keep in this packet as it is, transfer to bottles or sachets, burn as incense, use as a wash or seep in a magickal bath. Do not ingest.
  • 1 packet Empowerment herbs – Jasmine, Frankincense, Flax, Galangal, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Grass, Rose Hips. You can keep in this packet as it is, transfer to bottles or sachets, burn as incense, use as a wash or seep in a magickal bath. Do not ingest.
  • 1 Blessed Thistle seed (inside the large vial)
  • 3 jobs tears – you can string these seeds to carry a wish or blessing.
  • 1 black candle – to seal your bottles
  • 1 strand of clear quartz chips & 1 clear quartz charm – Clear Quartz amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it. You can use the chips or charm to program your intents into your bottle and trust the quartz to carry those energies into the etheric realms.
  • 1 vial of blessing oil of cinnamon and myrrh. This is a classic blessing recipe. Cinnamon is a fire oil of manifestation and drawing in and Myrrh enhances that energy. You can use the oil to anoint yourself or bless an object as you wish.
  • Coffin Nails – I provided a detailed instruction sheet on coffin nails. please use for protection only and be sure to read the whole sheet prior.


Blessed Thistle


My hubby brought them home from a mountain trip this earlier this summer. I had it sitting on the shelf thinking they were already dried when just before i began to begin boxing the flowers bloomed and these seeds covered my shop! I had no idea what they were, it was quite fun to clean up but im sure i seeded at least 50 of these plants in my grass:(

Blessed Thistle is an herb of protection and vitality. You can use in gris gris or poppets to break spells or add to bottles for protection spells. You can also use to set free a wish of protection and blow your seedling away like a dandelion. According to Herbal Riot you can use blessed thistle as a means to  call spirits by bringing thistle to a boil then meditating over the steaming bowl. By doing this, they say you will find the answers to your questions! (I plan to test this theory out soon, I will give you an update)

This is a great little seed to plant as a potted protection plant. You can add obsidian and Hematite to the soil and place near your entrances. As you can see below, they look dried and gone…then, overnight, they explode into hundreds of these little fuzzy things.




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