Correct me if I am wrong –

Every word we speak is a spell.

As one who practices the art of mastering their will through means of energy must agree a thought is a thing, right? Therefore every thought transmuted to speech must then be an executed spell. As a Witch, and masters of our energy and will, are we then not responsible for every word spoken? Given a witches practice and expertise, do you think a one should be responsible for everyday words spoken out of magick circles?

Just curious, and you don not have to answer publicly or reply. How much weight do your sentences hold when you give them to your family? Do they believe you when you speak? Your power is transmuted through your words and it should be taken very seriously. Especially as you progress further and further into mastering your energy. Not just for yourself but for your loved ones. They trust you and believe you. So when you speak mundanely, be careful as you could very easily be changing both of your futures.

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