Crystal gazing as a meditation aid

As a meditation technique, crystal gazing will often produce profound personal insight as well as highly relevant psychic knowledge. A second crystal gazing technique called Focal Shift was developed in our labs to generate an empowered mental state conducive not only to increased psychic awareness but personal insight as well. Similar to Crystal Focusing as previously discussed, the Focal Shift technique usually requires several practice trials to maximize its effectiveness. Allow approximately thirty minutes for the procedure, which is administered in a quiet, comfortable setting.


Step 1. Focus your full attention on the crystal ball, and then center your attention on a specific area of the ball’s surface, such as an area reflecting a point of light.

Step 2. While continuing your focus on a selected area of the crystal ball, gradually expand your peripheral vision to take in the full ball and as much of its surroundings as possible.

Step 3. As your peripheral vision remains expanded to its limits, allow your eyes to shift slightly out of focus. You will notice a whitish glow forming around the ball and throughout its surroundings.

Step 4. Return your focus to the crystal ball, and after a few moments of focusing, close your eyes and permit your body to completely relax as meaningful images and impressions take shape in your mind.

Step 5. As your eyes remain closed, form affirmations that focus upon your goals. For general self-empowerment, focus your attention on a relaxed, empowermentreadiness state through such general empowerment affirmations as:

I am capable and secure; peace and tranquility surround me; I have an abundance of inner resources; I am empowered with happiness and success.

For more specific empowerment applications, form affirmations that target your specific goals. These affirmations can be made even more effective through related imagery that symbolizes your success. Even the most powerful affirmations can be strengthened through related empowering imagery.

Step 6. Conclude the exercise with the simple affirmation: Success is my destiny!

The flexibility and effectiveness of crystal gazing as an empowerment strategy have been demonstrated in a variety of settings. The technique has been used in the academic setting to increase motivation and promote creative thinking. A college art instructor reported that crystal gazing, when introduced as an experimental exercise into her course in oil painting, resulted in marked improvements in the creative quality of her students’ paintings. In a private industrial setting, an increased number of ideas was noted immediately after the introduction of crystal gazing into a management training program that included the use of brainstorming. In competitive sports, crystal gazing has been effective in accelerating the development of essential skills. When practiced immediately prior to a competitive event, marked improvement in performance was noted.

Taken together, the diverse applications of both Crystal Focusing and Focal Shift reflect the wide-ranging possibilities of crystal gazing. Whether in the academic or Work setting, crystal gazing has shown remarkable empowerment potential. [Llewellyn]

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