Moon Goddess, August 2016 – Rhythm & Flow

I’ve had a hard time curating for the full moon lately. We are so much more than the full moon and I want to make a big deal about it. The phases have their correspondences but what about us? We all have our own magickal specialties too ya know!. Once mixed with the Alchemy of life and suddenly we become the most powerful influence over our will and each moon phase becomes uniquely ours. A myriad of elements and emotions forever changing our fate. Before we know it life becomes a crazy storm and we are either riding it or sucked into it.

I want to be there for a minute, spend some time getting to know that crazy storm that is life and find the calm. Sometimes calm is our ferocious strength that allows us to ride it and sometimes it is quiet and serene so we can find peace in the middle of it. None the less, calm is centered and wise. Calm is experienced and focused. Calm is ready and moving. Calm is present.

When we allow life to move us from our center and take control then throw us in a whirl wind we loose all sight of who we are, what we want, and sight of our best intentions. It is our best intent to stay calm but its only human to loose sight of it too.

For the Moon Goddess box this month I created a combination of magickal things to bring full attention into your space while you work on this. I hope as we work through all the meditations this month you get to know your ferocious calm among all the storms. Find your rhythm and flow…

This bracelet wrap, bottle wrap or sachet charm (however you choose to use it carries the myriad of energies that we go through on a regular basis. Use it as a gentle reminder of your strength and know the crystals are there to help you in your rhythm and flow!


The strand pattern is as follows:

  1.  3-4 Pink aventurine stones
  2. Amazonite
  3. Amethyst
  4. Angelite
  5. Black Agate
  6. Black Jade
  7. Calcite
  8. Carnelian
  9. Chalcedony
  10. Chrysocolla
  11. Dragons Blood Jasper
  12. Dumortierite
  13. Golden Cream Quartz
  14. Golden Sheen Obsidian
  15. Green Aventurine
  16. Labradorite
  17. Malaysia Jade
  18. Moss Agate
  19. Moukaite Jasper
  20. Olive Jade
  21. Onyx
  22. 3-4 Pink aventurine & clear quartz
  23. Peach Moonstone
  24. Grey Moonstone
  25. Rainbow Moonstone
  26. White Moonstone
  27. Pink Flake Moonstone
  28. 3-4 Pink aventurine & clear quartz
  29. Peridot Jasper
  30. Pietersite
  31. Purple Aventurine
  32. Pyrite
  33. Rainbow Fluorite
  34. Rainbow Obsidian
  35. Red Agate
  36. Red Aventurine
  37. Rhodonite
  38. Rose Quartz
  39. Ruby in Zoisite
  40. Serpentine
  41. Smoky Quartz
  42. Snowflake Obsidian
  43. Sodalite
  44. Tiger Iron
  45. Tourmilated Quartz
  46. White Agate
  47. Zebra Jasper
  48. 3-4 Pink aventurine


In your Box you received the crystal wrap, tea, muscle rub and aura spray. There are instructions and ingredients on the labels except for the oil. The oil contains clary sage, ylang ylang and cypress essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs with organic sunflower oil. All three oils have therapeutic properties to alleviate cramping, muscle aches and improve circulation. The concentration is quite strong so please test a small amount before applying, you can also dilute into lotion or another oil if this is too strong.


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