Ritual to invoke your higher self

A very simple procedure is to simply relax, preferably in a semi-reclining position. in an environment as free from external distractions as possible. Establish a deep, rhythmic, but non-stressful, breathing cycle. Close your eyes, center your attention at the base of your spine and slowly feel your essence rising upward to focus in the very center of your brain. When you feel established at this higher level, silently speak to your higher self: 
“I invoke my Highest Self and ask for Strength and Purpose to Become More than I am, and All that I can be. I open by heart and mind to all true guidance to help me in my quest to serve and fulfill the purpose of this life. I am blessed by your presence. Thank you.” 

Stay relaxed, breathing evenly and comfortable, and feel the infusion of energy and peace. Know that your Higher Self is always with you. You need not return your essence to the base. Just let be. 

No complex words nor symbols were needed; no images; no words of power or names of deity. Just be clear and keep your focus. Intention accomplishes miracles. –[Llewellyn & Slate]

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