Peace at Home Bottle Spells

This pictured bottle spell is a personal bottle spell of ours. Looking at the ingredients and colors you can get the gist of the spell. When putting your bottle together you want to ensure you put everything together and the overall energy of the ingredients together match your intent. It is easy to take a spell off the internet and duplicate it but it is much more powerful when you are in control and make the choices yourself!

Spells from Encyclopedia of 5000 spells for inspiration:

Family Unity Sewing Spell

Magic can be created from the humblest articles: this spell derives from a time when sewing, mending, and needlework were constant, everyday practices.

1. Keep a little jar beside you as you sew.

2. Every time you finish a thread, toss the bit into the jar, saying something to the effect of ”Bless this house. Protect all within from harm and hardship. ”

3. When the jar is full, seal the blessings within by laying one protective leaf or root on top. (Suggestions are bay laurel leaf, angelica root, beth root or wormwood.)

4. Close the jar tightly and store it near the top of the house, in the attic, or hang it from the rafters.

Dragons Blood Protect the Peace Spell

1. Mix sugar. salt, and dragon’s blood powder.

2. Place it in a small bottle.

3. Seal the bottle with red wax and keep it in the kitchen to maintain peace in the home and between family members.

Peaceful Family Bottle

A single strand of hair from each member of the family (add animal hairs from pets if you like, too) Blue thread A piece of angelica root Essential oil of German chamomile, Balm of Gilead buds, Flax seeds, Lavender blossoms, Pink and white rose buds.

1. Make a braid with the hair and thread.

2. Use the braid to tie a bow around the angelica root.

3. Anoint the root with one drop of chamomile oil for every member of the family.

4. Place the root together with the other ingredients into a bottle or sachet. Store in safe place hidden from view.

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