Hara (abdominal) Breathing

The hara is a central area of power and essence — it is also referred to as the Sea of Energy and the Sea of Enlightenment.

Abdominal breathing-especially when it is slow, deep, and long-combined with certain mindfulness practices directed to specific energy centers, can help you receive the energies of the earth, nature, and the heavens. In natural breathing, when you breathe in, a respiratory wave starts deep in the abdominal cavity and flows up to the head. When you breathe out, the wave moves from head to feet.

To sense your power center (ham), lie in relaxation pose. Hara breathing can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. The ham is located two inches below the navel. It’s the physical and spiritual center of the body.

Cover the navel with your hands. Breathe gently, in through the nose, filling the abdomen with air, and focus on your navel.

On the exhale through your mouth, contract the muscles of your abdomen. Tighten the abdomen as much as you can.

Continue until you feel your breath being drawn from deep within your hara. When you breathe from your navel, you will feel the abdomen expand and contract.

Take a deep breath and feel the diaphragm muscle move downward on inhalation and upward on exhalation. Do this

exercise anytime, for as long as you can, but at least 5-10 minutes.

[breathe by dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer]

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