Balance your Giving and Receiving, Meditation + Magick

Relax, accept, regroup

This is the goal of the next few days as we continue through the disseminating moon and phase into the 3rd quarter. After all the intensity of the Full Moon, it can be tempting to all into a slump. If things didn’t work out for you then, what next? A lot of energy has been expended and you may want to relax a little during this part of the cycle. If that’s the case for you, then do it. You will find that the more you work in accordance with the lunar phases, the more easily life will flow.

Balance Your Giving and Receiving

How good a receiver are you? Many people are wonderful at giving, but not so adept at receiving. You need to be a good receiver to work with the Law of Attraction to create what you want in life. Think about the any sages you might have heard growing up about giving and receiving. “It’s better to give than receive” is an often-quoted phrase from the Bible. The phrase was specific to tithing, to giving what was needed to those institutions that provided spiritual support and sustenance. As with all things, giving and receiving is an exchange of energies. In fact, giving and receiving are the same energy. Try this exercise:

1. Draw a straight line on a piece of paper. Place an arrow pointing away from the line at either end. At the right end, write the word giving, and at the left end, write the word receiving.

2. Assume that the midpoint of the line would be the point of true reciprocity, where giving and receiving come into balance. Think about where you are on that line. Are you usually giving, or is your giving-and-reeeiving scale balanced?

You can also think of giving and receiving as a circle. As you move along the rim of the circle you are giving out energy, yet energy from elsewhere is moving around the circle and being offered to you. Do you have your back to the energy being offered? Or are you receptive to what is coming your way? Are you aware of the cycle of giving and receiving?

Being open to receiving means you are learning to be open to the opportunities the universe has been waiting to give you. Once you initiate your co-creative energy through your intention and desire, the Law of Attraction begins to work. Opportunities to move you along the path of manifestation start to come your way in the form of people, new job prospects, unexpected gifts, and even new financial abundance.

Look at your patterns of giving. Are you giving your time, energy, sources, or material possessions for reasons other than a spontaneous impulse of generosity of spirit? If so, you might be tied into self-limiting beliefs about the need to please and conform. When you understand patterns of giving you can truly receive the wonderful opportunities the universe has for you. When you over-give, you under-receive. If you want to strengthen your capacity for receiving, try asking for help. Admit a mistake. Let others know you are emotionally vulnerable and need their support.

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