Fundamentals of Scrying, Part 2

Fundamentals of Scrying, Part 2.

To scry derives from the verb descry: to discover or view from afar. Success in this area requires skill, talent and the artistic ability to interpret imagery. Creating the right conditions for visions to appear is only the first step; you must properly interpret these visions to get the needed information. For a select few, the images will be crystal clear and obvious, a form of objective clairvoyance, and may even progress like a motion picture. But, for most of us, they will be more obscure and highly symbolic, like dream symbols requiring skill to interpret. Scrying in many cases is very similar to dream interpretation, and those who excel at that art will develop very rapidly.

Know this! Your personal unconscious is the real instrument in scrying, and the data received is filtered through its web of associations and complexes…it can only be as clear as you are! This is why the development of your psychic senses is so important. You must have clarity and insight. Scrying then becomes in many cases a form of self­-analysis, often the case in dream interpretation. The more unclear you are, the more distorted or symbolic the images can be. So, if you want to excel and avail yourself of the unlimited resources at your disposal, you have to face the music.

And a new scrying journal begins!

From this point forward, you are ready to activate your mirror and begin scrying. The actual act of scrying and ritual you choose to scry will be entirely upon your personal and religious preference. This of couse will come after you nail down the pre-cursor fundamentals of psychic development.

There are many people from many different backgrounds so suggesting one specific way to scry would be shortsided on my part. How do you scry is the question! (and yet another journal is born!)

I would love to help interpret messages though! If you wouldn’t mind sharing your psychic impressions with the group of course!


Digging deeper into Scrying – Parapsychology as a whole.
Parapsychology is a field of study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena which include telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnation, apparitional experiences, and other paranormal claims. It is often identified as pseudoscience. [ ]

Reading more into these practices will help you learn what works for you and the best route in developing your technique.

One thought on “Fundamentals of Scrying, Part 2

  1. For a longtime have i been looking for this opportunity of becoming clairvoyant and a very talented and gifted tutor to put me through.
    Please,educate me,i need your asisstance,this will enable me to help the needy.
    What must i do ?


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