Don’t fear the fire, become it.

“Opportunity is a visitor who rarely calls on those who neglect to provide a suitable welcome” – L. Charley.
Well then, let’s give opportunity a warm welcome!
First of all, we don’t need to find strength – we were born strong. What we need is to follow our heart and believe it so. Don’t fear the fire, become it. If that’s not a thing, it is now! Its time to make some serious changes!
Mercury will not take my power just because it intends to do so. My power of intention is much stronger than Mercury and I am not afraid to employ my will, my drive or my stubborn ass attitude to prove it. Mercury, you work for me now. I’m going to take that fire and manifest it into whatever the hell I want. I run my world…Thank you:)
Lets talk, making things happen. The law of attraction everyone, you heard of it right? We all employ it from time to time but do we really drive it home? Stick with it for the long haul, day in and day out?
Mercury, in retrograde, will serve as a major contributor to your personal transformation. This gives you less than 30 days to make this retrograde work for you. Starting now. If you want to welcome that opportunity, dust off the running shoes! That might be literal because the retrograde has a dislike for operating vehicles. Be prepared for many fires to put out-only, dont plan to put them out. Give them life, take these problems and transform them at will and make them work for you. Make this a time of positive change.
That, my dears, is how you beat the retrograde. Smudge, purify, detox, breathe, yoga, run, walk, shop, talk, cry, cast circles, weave spells, pray, scream, do whatever it takes just don’t give up and dont stop making things happen. Stick with it the whole retrograde!

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