Lets just breathe today

Who here as it all figured out? Yeah right, nobody has it all figured out! But we try everyday. We do our best to go with the flow and live our lives for the better.
Today, were just going to breathe. Breathe away whatever. Inhale it all then exhale it all too. No expectations from anyone. Be extra kind to everyone who is struggling. Know your struggle and be gentle with yourself.
I have listed quite a few breathing exercises below, find one and use it!

A few of the best breathing exercises for stress reduction, peace and happiness.


Many people do not breathe correctly. Knowing how to take a full, deep breath is a true life skill. A full breath cycle spreads life giving oxygen throughout the body, gets rid of waste gasses like carbon dioxide, and stimulates the spine and internal organs. Many of us are “chest breathers,” meaning we’re accustomed to an unhealthy pattern of initiating the breath from the chest. When you fall into a pattern of isolated upper-chest breathing, you overuse muscles in the neck and upper body and under use the diaphragm. During heavy exercise and in emergency situations, you need those muscles to supplement the diaphragm by getting more air to the lungs. Unlike the diaphragm, the muscles of the neck and upper body tire more easily, leaving you anxious and fatigued. One of the first steps in learning to breathe well is to learn diaphragmatic deep breathing. When you breath in, the diaphragm contracts and flattens downward creating a vacuum that draws in air. When you exhale, the diaphragm returns to its dome shape, pushing air out of the body. Once you know how to get your diaphragm working for you, you will find that diaphragmatic breathing is both energizing and relaxing. It is the way a truly efficient body breathes throughout life. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the upper torso yet creates a full, deep pattern of breath. Lying on your back with your knees bent or straight, put your hands on your lower ribs so that the tips of the middle lingers touch each other at the end of an exhalation. Your shoulders should be relaxed and dropped away from your ears. When you breathe in, try not to let it affect your shoulders. You want your shoulders to stay down and relaxed. Your spine is long, a neutral spine, a natural position of the spine that allows the curves of the spine to be present. If you are sitting, feel that your weight is falling directly down through your sitting bones and your head is floating up toward the sky. Your throat is open and relaxed. Breathe in slowly through your nose. Let the air flow into your upper chest and down your spine, expanding your sides and lower ribs, diaphragm, back, and pelvis. Allow the deep inhale to push your belly out a little bit. The chest does move with the breath but remains relaxed and the ribs maintain their cylindrical shape. Exhale in the reverse order. Drop your lower abdominal, then your belly. Let your ribs pull in, and then let your chest drop as you fully expel all the air. Remain calm and comfortable at all times, never force, and if you feel strain or agitation, stop and let the breath come back to normal.

Learn and practice this breathing before you start practicing any other breathing technique. Remember that a small smile also helps relax your facial muscles and helps you to breathe fully!


Use your breath to just pay attention and be kind, unconditionally kind, on this breath alone.
Take a deep breath in; then breathe out. Repeat for 5 minutes. This will help you feel kinder and happier. No matter what the circumstances, just be kind. Everything else will work itself out. Deep breathing will cleanse you of impurities and realign your being with the energy of prana, the cosmic energy connecting the elements of the universe. After completing this exercise, take a deep breath and move on in kindness.


This exercise is great for when you feel vulnerable, intimidated, or just in need of protection in some way.
Shake out all the tension from your body and allow yourself to relax in whatever position you are in. Breathe naturally, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine a bubble of blue-white light all around you. You are safe inside. The bubble is charged with sparkling, protective energy. It moves with you and though it is soft on the inside, on the outside it is strong and is shielding you from whatever makes you anxious. It is keeping whatever worries you at a distance. While you are inside the bubble, focus on your breathing. Breathe naturally, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Visualize the blue-white light flowing in and out of your pores as you inhale and exhale. The sparkling light is filling you with strength and energy. Keep the bubble around you until the pressure has subsided and you feel comfortable enough to let it go, at least 10 minutes.


For those times when you really need to let it all out
Sit in a comfortable position. Breathe in through the nose and then out through the mouth. At the end of the exhale, pause, waiting patiently and consciously until the body initiates the next inhale. Every breath in is slow and calm through the nose. At the top of the inhale, release air through the open mouth slowly and calmly, and then, with the mouth open and jaw relaxed, pause. Wait until the body chooses to inhale again. During each pause, allow your body to deeply relax and let go. You can also breathe into a specific body area in need of healing or relaxing and then consciously let all tension go with the exhale relaxing further during the pause. Deep-release breathing works best when done for 10 or more minutes.


Sit and close your eyes. Breathe with your natural rhythm; no need to change your breath. Say, “Breathing in, I calm my anger.” Then, “Breathing out, I take care of my anger.” By doing this, you make your mind happy and at peace. You may need time to calm your anger, so stay with this as long as it takes to reach a point of equanimity. Sit quietly. Know you are breathing in. Know you are breathing out.


Be aware of a judgment thought within you. Maybe you are asking yourself why someone is dressed the way they are. Look deeply at it and its elements. Smile with compassion at the suffering these elements have caused. Dwell in the present moment. Breathe in and remember your good inner nature, your capacity for calm and compassion. Breathe out and let go of judgment, without scolding yourself and creating a new judgment. Sit for 20 minutes, using this time to let the breath help you let go of judgment.


Whenever you are just sitting, relax your lower jaw and open your mouth slightly. Try to make your breath very shallow and relax your whole body. This is not deep breathing through your diaphragm, but rather quick and shallow breathing through your throat. Start feeling a smile in your inner being, like in your belly. Let this smile spread from inside to your whole body. You are one big smile now. You can use this any time. You can practice the inner smile in any situation-while sitting, lying down, standing, driving, or working. Breathing consciously and smiling will bring more awareness and concentration to whatever you are doing.


Everyone from time to time feels irritated. When you do feel irritated, see that it is not an enemy. Do not let it take control of your life. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth with awareness. With every breath, become more aware of the breath. You do not need to wipe out the irritation, but rather treat it with compassion as if holding a baby in your arms. This breathing exercise brings awareness and your irritation is gradually transformed. We have to stop, pay attention, breathe, and transform anger into compassion. Do this exercise for at least 5 minutes.


Sitting cross-legged or in a chair, half-smile. Inhale and exhale deeply through your nose. Maintain this half-smile. Let go at the end of the out-breath, letting the thoughts go. It is like moving a boulder away so that water can keep flowing. Your energy and life force will be able to evolve and go forward, like the water you just released, when you let go. Let go for 20 minutes. The next time you feel your spirits sagging, practice this half-smile for 20-30 minutes and notice how you feel.


Inhale, silently saying OM (ohm). Mentally see that the oxygen coming into your body is filled with life-force energy and hold the breath in your mouth. Force the air against your cheeks and let them fill to capacity and bulge out. Keep pressing the air into your cheeks as long as you comfortably can. Then discharge your breath quickly and forcefully through the mouth. As you do this, further imagine that your breath is revitalizing every cell in your body. Do this cycle 8-10 times.


To increase prana (energy) flow throughout your body, do this exercise. It should feel like club soda pulsating throughout your body. Sit and breathe through your nose. Inhale to a count of 8 and exhale through your nose to a count of 8. Inhale to a count of 8, visualizing prana (life energy) streaming into you as a bright light. Hold your breath for 4 counts and see the prana circulating throughout your body. Exhale to a count of 8, noticing negativity leaving your body. Repeat this for as long as you like.

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